Why I have not bought Coinbase Stocks $COIN

By INAM_ | INAM | 15 Apr 2021

So coinbase Direct Listing has been done. We can buy $COIN on stock exchange. Well, for me I cannot but Binance also offers tokenized stock now so I could have bought it there. But I did not. Why? Keep reading this post to know the reason.


Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice or anything. This is just my opinion. You are free to buy $COIN if you want.



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Everybody in crypto space is hyped about coinbase getting listed on NASDAQ. And it makes sense because now even those Wall Street guys will get involved in crypto in this way. That means a better future for crypto. "But we are not discussing this Inam". Yes, so back to why I have not bought $COIN. It is not because I knew COIN will get listed on $392 and close on $325 today on Binance. Here are two reasons why I didn't bought it.


Low volatility in stock market

Generally there is low volatility in stock market. That means there will not be big losses but that also means there will not be big gains like we just keep watching in cryptocurrencies. And I like to take risks so that is why I invest in crypto instead of normal stocks. You can see XRP that recently pumped, nice gains here:


And I actually bought some at $0.6-0.7 😎


Crypto pump due to the listing

I believed there will be a bigger pump in cryptocurrencies when $COIN gets listed on NASDAQ. I wasn't really right but I also didn't expected 10x gains exactly when the stocks gets listed. Maybe there will be a pump in a few days or something. 

Why I think cryptocurrencies didn't pumped in these 2 days? It is probably because $COIN did not pumped. You can go to binance an see 2 red 1day candles on COIN_BUSD pair.  Maybe in future cryptos can gain bullish momentum and continue up ignoring where $COIN goes. Well, that is probably what is gonna happen. 



Have you bought $COIN or are you planning to buy it. Tell it in comments.
See you in next posts. Bye

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