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Zero Gravity campaign is live! Participate to earn $ZERO token by ZeroLend

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 21 Feb 2024

Loan protocols are a rapidly growing reality in the blockchain world. ZeroLend is an intriguing implementation on zkSync, expanding onto Blast. The ZeroLend ecosystem consists of various products and features, including:

  • DeFi Lending: A decentralized non-custodial liquidity protocol, powered by LayerZero, allowing users to deposit and borrow assets within the zkSync ecosystem. In the future, the protocol aims to expand to new networks.

  • $ONEZ: ZeroLend's native stablecoin, designed to capture the protocol's native yield and has the ability to self-repay the loan. $ONEZ can be minted by users and used within the ecosystem.

  • $ZERO: Protocol governance token.

  • Account Abstraction: This feature enables users to perform delegated transactions, gas-less transactions, social account access, and more.

  • Real World Asset (RWA) Market Support: Integration of these assets is planned for the near future.


Zero Gravity Currently, there is an ongoing airdrop campaign called Zero Gravity that will distribute the $ZERO token to participants proportionally to their actions.

Participants can engage in social tasks, such as joining the ZeroLend Discord server, writing a daily GM, and, in the future, following the Twitter account. However, tasks related to asset deposit and borrowing yield more points.


To earn points, users need to deposit at least $100 and enable them to be used as collateral. Users will receive one point for every dollar deposited per day. Regarding borrowed assets, users will accumulate 4 points per day for every dollar borrowed.

In the future, there will be quests dedicated to $PYTH stakers, AAVE users, and MAHA users.

To participate in the airdrop campaign, sign up immediately through this link and start accumulating points.

There is currently an incentivized Testnet campaign on Blast. You can experience the lending protocol and the new platform on Blast Sepolia. Explore the platforms, and if you identify any bugs, fill out the dedicated form here.


Join the Zero Gravity campaign now!



| This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing. |

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