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DOP: the protocol that gives users back control of their data (Testnet and Airdrop)

By ifiwasfrank | In the mood for crypto | 16 Jan 2024

DOP, or the Data Ownership Protocol, is a project that has catalyzed the attention of cryptonauts in recent weeks. The launch of the testnet and the prospect of an associated airdrop has led thousands of users to register and complete the tasks present. Before addressing them, let’s briefly learn about the mission of this project.


The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) aimed to solve the problem of exploitation without consent of web users’ data. Using Zero Knowledge encryption, the basis of the main solutions to scalability proposed by Layer2s, DOP allows users to interact with protocols and perform operations while keeping the information associated with their address (such as balance, NFTs owned, transactions submitted) private.

Not only does DOP aim to improve the privacy of its users, but it also intends to protect its network from abuse or illicit activity. To do this, it has partnered with Chainalysis, a leading data provider, which will allow it to improve security controls through tools such as automatic wallet screening, helping to stop criminal activities such as money laundering or financing terrorist activities.

Testnet and airdrop

The team’s announcements speak for themselves: in order to be eligible to receive DOP tokens when the mainnet is launched, which is expected to take place early this year, users must complete testnet-related missions.

To complete the testnet, you will need 10 to 15 minutes, a MetaMask wallet (the only compatible one), and a PC (the mobile version is not available at the moment). Let’s look at the key steps:

  • Connect to the platform using this link;
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and create a DOP wallet, backing up the secret phrase that will be provided to you. Once the wallet is verified, you will also be shown the secret key: keep it in a safe place.
  • Choose a password for your wallet;
  • Once you have set up the DOP wallet, click “Start” and connect your MetaMask. At this point, your Dashboard will appear, with missions to complete and your progress status.

The eight missions are simple:

  1. Connect your X account to the platform and follow DOP’s profile (@dop_org);
  2. Claim test ETH on SepoliaETH, you will be credited 0.05 ETH;
  3. Claim DOP testnets, you will receive 1000;
  4. Claim assets on the testnet. You can choose from different tokens, such as DOP_USDT, DPO_LINK, DOP_PEPE etc;
  5. Encrypt previously received assets for use in private transactions. The wallet will ask you to approve the “Spending Cap Request”: this is a testnet so, to avoid problems, select “Max”;
  6. Using the Sepolia address provided by the portal, send the encrypted asset and check the privacy level of the transaction on the blockchain explorer;
  7. Decrypt part of the previously encrypted assets so that they become visible again on the blockchain;
  8. The most difficult step: invite 3 friends through your referral link to complete the testnet. The invited users must complete at least step 1 to allow you to get the reward. From the fourth invited user who completes the testnet, you will also earn a 20% bonus.

Remember to save in a safe place the secret phrase obtained when creating the DOP wallet, because the associated address will allow you to receive rewards when the mainnet is launched.

With the DOP mainnet, users will be able to freely choose whether and what information about their web3 financial activities to disclose. With the launch of the mainnet, this protocol could establish itself among the main layers2 of Ethereum and revolutionize the concept of privacy in the blockchain world.


Connect to the Testnet DOP and complete the tasks!


| This is not financial advice. Do your own research before investing. |


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