If You Doubt My Love

Should there ever come a day

when you would seek my warmth

against the hoard,

I would gladly provide reinforcements.


Not to dissuade you

of the notion

of the existence

of the hollowness of my chest;


but to prove to you, once and again,

that a person can function without such trivial things.


I know you have hurt

I know you've been hurt in return as penance 

I know you seek to cut the diseased limb

like it was worth nothing.


That leaden weight you abhor

is as yet, the thing that holds you afloat

to sever the strings is to let go and become one of us

do you think then you would hold no regrets?


A warning I serve

as I see you keen not to listen

the words of your elders, your monsters

in turn hold no meaning.


The end will come

when you least desire.


I promised to be there.

I'm afraid I no longer possess that strength nor power;


you have made this a day that I'd regret.



- Redheadblues

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Hey guys! I'm an amateur writer, here to learn, grow and make new friends. Please follow if you're a Harry Potter or GOT stan, or if you watch kdramas or basically any other series☺️

In The Life Of A Poetess
In The Life Of A Poetess

So I'll be posting my poems here. Some about me, some not. I'm an observant being and believe the lives we pass by touch us in ways we may not have noticed. So I call this my letters to the souls who made me take notice.

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