Quick update on CRO price. Was my prediction in September accurate? Will my new prediction be?

By Tritium | In search of free crypto | 30 Oct 2021


In my last article on this subject, posted on the 12th of September 2021, I predicted ‘steady and sustained increases.’ I also gave the rationale for this prediction and it turned out to be one of my best received articles on Publish0x to date.  

As there was a fair amount of interest in CRO, or perhaps just interest in a solid prospect of profits, I thought I would do a quick follow up to see how we’re getting on.  

See original article HERE if you want to know why CRO is hot and getting hotter. 

This image shows a coingecko price chart for the last 90 days with the price on the 12th of September marked.  

price chart CRO coin

You can see a dip to ~15c entering October but then a strong, sustained rise right up to the time of posting.  

I’m claiming my ‘I WAS RIGHT’ badge – ok maybe just a provisional badge at the moment as really this is just a ~7 week review and that is not enough time to claim that badge proper; what is encouraging however is the price rises are slow and steady. If the gentle uptrend continues through to Q2/Q3 2022 it is at that point that I can get my guru patch sewn to my jacket. 

New Prediction

ATH was 27c, I'm saying now that, even with the bear market incoming, 30c will be achieved before H2 2022. The rationale for this is unchanged from the rationale in the previous article, just extrapolating forward. Scroll to the bottom of this article, there is a price ticker showing the current price (price may not be viewable if you're using dark mode on your device). Depending on when you're reading this, am I right yet? 

Stack 'em high

Remember, it is not only rises in the price of the coin that you benefit from if you are a card holder with Cashback, rebates from Netflix and Spotify (depending on level) and if you are more involved, benefits from the earn platform, supercharger and DeFi staking all contribute to your coin stack.  

If interest in my CRO articles remains consistent I will write something on Supercharger and the DeFi features as I find that they are 1) just so easy to make passive income, and 2) the things that turn new people off as they sound too difficult.   Supercharger takes about 3 or 4 clicks in the app and you can withdraw 100% of your investment at anytime. With DeFi you have a 1 month delay to withdraw your principal investment but can take profits instantly or instantly add the profits to your principal, effectively compounding your earnings. 


If you're interested in what you've read but are not yet a member of, use my link. We will both get $25 worth of CRO as a bonus if you sign up for Ruby Card or higher. To get higher level cards you have to stake (not pay) ~$400 worth of CRO. It is important that you understand, if you go for Ruby, you are not paying for the card, that stack of CRO remains yours and in 6 months time you can have it back when it will be worth more than what you paid for it if my predictions are correct. 

Not prepared to stake $400 for a card? no problem. There is a free-tier level card available - Midnight Blue. It gives less benefits obviously, but is still capable of helping you build a monster stack of CRO. 

Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25usd :)

You may have to manually enter the code 9uygtecets after following the link due to a glitch some people are experiencing. 

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In search of free crypto
In search of free crypto

I love free Crypto. When I find it I'll write a brief blog about it and post it here

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