The Case For CRO - Why’s native coin will soar in value as time and adoption roll forward

By Tritium | In search of free crypto | 12 Sep 2021

It has had its hard times, but CRO is set for steady and sustained increases in value over the coming months and years. In this article I make the case for why this is almost a certainty. For ease of writing I will be referring to as CDC.  

Because Reasons...  

Firstly, a limited supply. 30 billion sounds a lot – and it is. BUT, think in terms of the share of CRO per user. At the time of writing 12million+ active users of the platform. Let’s say 10 million for ease of calculation. 30bn divided by 10million is only 3000 CRO each.  

Sure, a fair proportion of users will have a lot less than 3k CRO, but some users are hodling millions.  

Think about the massive advertising and sponsorship campaigns CDC is undertaking. 20 millions users is surely not far off, and thereafter who knows how big it can get. Keep this in mind as you read on.  

Secondly, demand by CDC themselves. 10 millions users - I don’t know why you would be a member of CDC and not get their debit card. It is, hands down, the best crypto card on the market, giving 1% cashback to the free tier of card and up to 8% cashback for the higher tiers – all paid in CRO.  

Take me as a typical example of a mid-level user, I’ve got the jade card (3% cashback on all purchases – 100% rebate on Spotify and Netflix all paid in CRO). My CRO yield just from regular spending and my entertainment subscription rebates is approx. 1000 CRO a month.  

How sustainable is this across the 10 million users? Answer, it isn’t. BUT, that 1000 CRO is paid as cash equivalents, so if I buy something for 100usd, my cashback payment (which is instant) is 3usd worth of CRO at the current market price. As demand by CDC grows for CRO to pay cashbacks and rebates the price of the coin has to rise so the number of CRO paid can fall.  Eventually, CDC will have to do what Celsius does and go to market to buy their own coin.  

Thirdly, and lastly, demand again but this time by users. As users of CDC become more comfortable with the mechanics of the platform, they will discover things like staking, the supercharger and trading. When you can get your CRO working for you, earning yield all over the place it can become addictive. I try to have no idle assets at all. I earn my cashback and my staking/supercharger rewards and plough it all right back into earning more and more.  

Others are the same or similar to me in this regard. It all needs CRO to power the earning potential meaning sustained growth in demand for the coin.  


There have been problems with CDC as they have grown and evolved and alot of the stunted price growth of CRO can be traced back to some poor decisions by the company which resulted in large holders of CRO dumping the coin. Big dumps keep prices low of course. But now the ship is righted and the price has climbed but is still insanely low in my opinion.  

To reiterate – limited supply, huge user base, platform is the leader in driving crypto adoption and two strong demand factors (from users and from CDC themselves) which can only really increase. At 20 million users some say the price needs to be around 1usd (currently 18c). Now is a good time to get on board if you're not already. 

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In search of free crypto
In search of free crypto

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