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Free Crypto! Why even diehard hodlers should check out Bityard.

By Tritium | In search of free crypto | 7 Dec 2020

As the title suggests, I’m no trader. I get the idea of buying low and selling high but in practice I tend to get that backwards. Hodling is my game – buy it as cheap as I can and ride it to the moon in a rocket powered by hopium. And free crypto is the hodly grail.

Given my particular approach, an exchange is not my natural habitat. But I figured with so many new people coming into the crypto space I can’t be the only one so why not have a go and write a short blog about my experience.

Before I do anything that requires effort of any kind, I watch videos on the subject. No matter how new a project is there are always numerous videos posted. This helps distil down the masses of info into digestible chunks. If It like the sound of the company’s promotional material and the paraphrasing by independent commentators grabs my interest only then do I move on the next stage and do some ‘proper research’. Why do the hard work myself when someone has already done it, right? Especially if the project turns out to not be worth it.

I’m pleased to say Bityard passed the first stage and the particular points of interest for me are the free USDT to sign up, carry out a demo trade AND free crypto from daily mining. See images below:

free crypto bonus

Above - the USDT credits for certain actions

Below - The gorgeous daily mining page, offering some decent coins, not the rubbish you get on the likes of Yobit. Yes, that is Bitcoin you can see. 

mining free crypto

The results from Day 1 of mining are: 

mining crypto

Equivalent 0.44USDT for one day's free mining is quite hefty compared to every other free mining feature I have encountered. If you know of a better one, please let me know in the comments. 

Free crypto is certainly a draw for me but the demo trading is also very attractive. Bityard give you 10,000 demonstration USDT to learn how to trade. From there you can go on to trade for real if you like.

The thing that I think is missing from the demo account is actually a demonstration of what to do and how to interpret the various graphs. There are videos for it online of course but it would have been a nice addition to have a sort of walk-through-talk-through (or idiot’s guide) for the first trade. It feels a bit like you’re just expected to know what to do but if this was the case for the target customer, why have the demo account in the first place?

Just a final word on the free crypto on this exchange – it is not 100% free, you cannot transfer it off right away. They term it ‘gift money’ and it is used to pay trading fees automatically. The bonuses seen in the first picture above are automatically in this pot. The mining yield is held in a separate pot and you can decide when to transfer it over into your gift money reserves.


Try it out here:

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Part-time copywriter. Chess player (patzer). Crypto enthusiast and master of buying the peaks.

In search of free crypto
In search of free crypto

I love free Crypto. When I find it I'll write a brief blog about it and post it here

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