Three Things You’ll Never Regret With Bitcoin. Never, 100% Guaranteed.

Three Things You’ll Never Regret With Bitcoin. Never, 100% Guaranteed.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 21 Jul 2021

Since the beginning of the Bitcoin bull rally that started in October 2020, I frequently receive messages from people asking me if buying Bitcoin now is a good thing.

I used to get these questions when the price of Bitcoin was $10K. I used to get them when it was $20K, then $30K, then over $60K. I still get them when its price has crashed just above $30K in May 2021.

Every time, I explain the same thing when I answer these people: the answer is in you. Only you know if buying Bitcoin is the right thing for you.

Because if you buy Bitcoin without understanding its why you will end up selling it at the slightest crash in price. Then you will lose money. So your first goal should be to understand the why of Bitcoin. Once you have done that, the answers will become clear to you.

In my opinion, there are three things you will never regret doing with Bitcoin. Unlike with the short-term price of Bitcoin, for which no guarantees can be given, I can give you 100% guarantees on these three things.

1. Understanding Bitcoin

Anyone who has taken the time to really discover how Bitcoin works have never regretted it. It allowed them to discover the flaws in the current monetary and financial system.

By discovering the ugly truth about the current system, all of these people have stepped out of a comfortable lie and into a growth zone where anything becomes possible.

Bitcoin will change your life for the better forever. Instead of blindly believing everything, you will seek to verify everything for yourself. This is what the Bitcoin system will have taught you as it is transparent and allows everyone to discover the truth.

In this sense, Bitcoin is the truth, whereas fiat currencies are the truth of governments.

2. Buying Bitcoin

Once you discover the flaws in the current system, you'll be happy to discover that Bitcoin exists to address the problems of this system. Bitcoin was created to give the power of money back to the people.

People who buy Bitcoin after understanding the real meaning of its revolution never regret it.

They never regret it because the price of Bitcoin keeps rising over the long term. It's up to you to be patient and really enjoy it. Finally, no matter how much you buy, you should keep in mind that it is always worthwhile. All success in life is built step by step.

With Bitcoin, it's the same thing. You have to build your game patiently to be able to enjoy it fully in the future.

3. HODLing Bitcoin no matter what

Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution. Even though things are moving very fast with Bitcoin, you need to be aware that the inevitable success of Bitcoin will take time.

When you buy Bitcoin, you should be prepared to HODL for at least ten years.

This will allow you to enjoy Bitcoin without having the stress of those who are looking to trade. These people always end up suffering negatively from the volatility of the Bitcoin price. On your end, you need to make it your best ally by accumulating more BTC at every opportunity.

Bitcoin is an accumulation game for years to come. It's up to you to take advantage of it as soon as possible. Then send your Bitcoin to cold storage and forget about it for the next ten years.

In ten years, you'll be glad you made the choice you did.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is an open and transparent system that allows all its users the freedom to live their lives on their own terms. In fact, anyone who takes the time to find out and understand why Bitcoin exists will never regret it.

Bitcoin changes life for the better. It's up to you to take advantage of it by buying Bitcoin and becoming a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what. Again, this is not financial advice, but a common-sense observation that you will eventually come to yourself if you take the time to fully enter the unique world of Bitcoin.

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