Stop Panicking at the Slightest Rumor of BTC Selling by Elon Musk, Really Take Power With Bitcoin.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 19 Aug 2023

Elon Musk would have decided to sell the Bitcoin held by SpaceX.

This simple rumor was enough to cause the price of Bitcoin to plunge by -10% in a few minutes a few hours ago!

"Bitcoin Price Falls Below $25K in a Matter of Minutes. What Happened? What's Next for Bitcoin Price?"

Do you realize?

Some buy Bitcoin simply because Elon Musk bought it with SpaceX or Tesla. I'm making a shortcut here, but that seems like the idea to me since the mere rumor of Elon Musk selling his Bitcoin is freaking the whole market out.

It's quite symptomatic of the lack of education of some people. A lack of education about what Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin is there to free you from the yoke of governments, central bankers, but also third parties in general.

Don't Trust, Verify.

This slogan is not just there to look pretty. This slogan tells you that Bitcoin is here to give you power over your money. Bitcoin is about power.

With Bitcoin, you are the only one in control of the fruit of your labor.

Panicking about Bitcoin just because Elon Musk or someone else is selling Bitcoin clearly shows that some still haven't figured out the why of Bitcoin.

Nothing dramatic, but an observation that is needed again and again. To try to improve things, it's always the same thing: pedagogy is in order.

As Bitcoiners, we must continue our efforts to help as many people as possible form their opinions on Bitcoin, money, and the economy in general.

I thus offer you for a few more hours my book "The Truth About Bitcoin" at -50% to help you take power. Use the code ZWLFW11 and follow the link below:

-50% off the "Truth About Bitcoin"

This book will not tell you what to do with Bitcoin, but rather how to learn to think for yourself to take power over the fruits of your labor.

My goal is not to push you towards Bitcoin but rather to help you check everything out for yourself to form your own truth about Bitcoin. Hence the title: “The Truth About Bitcoin”.

Because basically, everyone must wake up on their own to Bitcoin and form their own opinion on this unique monetary revolution.

This is what the Bitcoin network allows us by allowing everyone to become a network node to check everything for themselves.

It's up to you to decide to no longer be at the mercy of the panic imposed by the masses.

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