Here’s Why Bitcoin Must Be the World’s Next Reserve Currency.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 27 Nov 2023

Bitcoin has always been built on adversity.

Bitcoin has always proved its detractors wrong.

Such technological disruption cannot fail when its time has come. And Bitcoin's time has come.

The world needs a neutral, apolitical reserve currency.

Reserve currency? When I talk about Bitcoin as a reserve currency, many people have doubts.

These are the same doubts that have accompanied Bitcoin since January 3, 2009. How many times has Bitcoin been announced as dead? How many people have ignored Bitcoin, thinking that it was simply the whim of a few thousand geeks?

Each time, the Bitcoin revolution proved them wrong.

For Bitcoin as a global reserve currency, it will be the same thing.

So why would Bitcoin make a great global reserve currency?

As you can see, the fact that only one country, America at present, has the privilege of issuing the world's reserve currency is a dangerous thing.

You can't trust this country to use this privilege sensibly and responsibly.

America has consistently abused this exorbitant privilege. America has never stopped printing more and more American dollars out of thin air to finance all its excesses.

America exports its monetary inflation to the rest of the world and makes the rest of the world pay for its wars and its standard of living.

No wonder China and Russia want to topple the American dollar from its kingly seat. The problem is that if China succeeded, it would do no better. It would try to impose the yuan on the rest of the world. Or worse still, the digital yuan!

Announcements of the Upcoming Death of the King Dollar Are Exaggerated, but This List of Events Will Make You Realize That China Is at Work to Break the Hegemony of the USD.

It remains to be seen how America will react, and how this will benefit Bitcoin.


So, if the American dollar were to fall from its pedestal in favor of a currency like the yuan, you'd only change master, but you'd remain a slave within this debt-based system which is flawed and not fixable.

The injustice of the current system would not be corrected with a world reserve currency other than the US dollar.

It's the system itself that needs to be changed.

We need a real monetary revolution. And you've got it! It's Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an alternative monetary system that is much fairer to its users and has been growing steadily since its launch on January 3, 2009. Today, Bitcoin has over 230 million users worldwide, and this number will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Bitcoin will give every country in the world unique guarantees:

  • No other country will be able to create more. Bitcoin supply is hard-capped at 21 million units, no matter what.

  • No other country will be able to prohibit you from using your Bitcoin. No censorship like with the US dollar.

  • No other country can steal your Bitcoin wealth. No more assets frozen for arbitrary reasons.

  • No other country can change the rules of the Bitcoin system. Bitcoin's monetary policy is known to everyone in advance and is engraved in the Bitcoin source code.

Bitcoin is a unique game-changer not only for individuals but also for Nations.

Without this ability to print fiat money out of thin air ad infinitum, you'll also see that these wars waged ad infinitum for decades will no longer be able to be financed. Heads of State will have to stop taking the easy way out by always opting for war. Instead, they will have to discuss and negotiate, since they will no longer have the economic and financial ease of waging such costly wars.

In the future, more and more people will come to understand this.

Bitcoin will eventually be adopted as the world's reserve currency. It's just a matter of common sense... and time!

Are you wondering if the price of Bitcoin will reach $40K in the coming days or if the market will give you a pullback with a test of $31K?

Bitcoin Will Help Prevent Wars, but It Will Not Be a Miracle Peace Weapon.

The characteristics of the Bitcoin system will better limit the bad sides of humans.


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