Staying trendy in the ever dynamic world; The review of EDC Android mobile wallet

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Things are changing in our world today at an alarming rate! new and better ways of doing things are been discovered everyday. The only thing that is constant in life is change. Anyone or organization that has refused to change with the trend will be relegated to the background. That is the reality of today's world!

One big aspect that has experienced a dramatic change is the technology, as new things are been invented, improvements are made on already invented things to make them fit for the current demand. Likes and preference of people are changing with the change. For instance, many people now prefer the usage of mobile applications to the interaction with the website based on statistical records because of the privacy and mobility that apps afford.

Android Apps

Android is the most popular Operating System in the world with over 86.8% share, Android OS dominates the mobile app development market. In that regard, businesses today are turning to mobile apps to expand their strategies to tap a higher customer base. Leveraging the benefits of Android application development is therefore a necessity for organizations. It is expected to surge even further in the coming years.

Android app development offers tremendous strategic and operational benefits such as high ROI with relatively lower costs of production, faster deployment, versatility and scalability, enhanced security among others. Therefore, organizations are leveraging android app development for customer's satisfaction, business growth and improvement on revenues.

EDC Blockchain Android wallet


EDC as a emerging organization based on the blockchain is known for its viable and efficient web based wallet which has served millions of people in carrying out countless number of transactions without history of technical flop, has upgraded to build the wallet on the Android application in order to meet the global demand and operate at a more efficient level.

One of the things I appreciate about EDC blockchain Android wallet is simplicity. The interface is very simple to interact with and even a newbie in the world of technology can easily follow simple instruction and be conversant with the app.

Another thing that is worthy of note is the speed at which the App execute instruction, it is at a faster rate on a relative scale with other blockchain Android wallet app that I have interacted with.

General overview


 The summary of the pages of theEDC blockchain Android wallet gives a general look of what is contained in the wallet as users interface. In it is the Login/Registration page, the security page, the wallet and coin management page (Send/receive)



Users with EDC wallet account on the web based wallet can easily login with the password and the brainkey. The process is simple, just yo ensure that the correct password is entered an that the brain key is imputed correctly. Zoom! you are logged into your wallet. One thing that must be noted here is case sensitivity. User must ensure right letter cases (upper/lower) when entering the password and the Brainkey to have successful login experience.

Users who are new to EDC blockchain wallet are also welcomed on the Android mobile wallet with a simple but efficient sign up page, that is, registration which takes few minutes to complete. The information required for the registration are basically the username and password. The password is determined by the user during registration which must be easily remembered by the user at any point in time.

Security measure; Brainkey


The security of the EDC Android wallet is a big thing to write home about. The wallet is well secured with password and Brainkey to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to any user's wallet.

The Brainkeys are blockchain generated security words that are unique to each individual user, the Brainkey contains 16-words with even spaces.
They must be securely kept and thoroughly stored to avoid loss of digital assets, because without the Brainkey, it is impossible to access EDC wallet.
The best way is to store the Brainkey through different means, both digitally and manually in a place that is not accessible to any other person than the user.



EDC Blockchain Coins are listed under the wallet. The amount of a particular coin owned by the wallet owner is written against the coin. The wallet gives an overview of the digital assets possessed by a particular user on the EDC blockchain.
There are many coins that are not as popular as EDC in the wallet. The unique thing about this wallet is that they are all built on the EDC blockchain.

Send and receive


Users can send, receive and check transaction history on this interface.
With EDC blockchain Android App, it is very easy to send out EDC blockchain coins and at the same time receive coins into the wallet.
To receive digital asset, user simply copies the wallet address as shown above and send it to other users.
To transfer Coins, the user inputs the name or wallet address of the user he/she intends to send to and also the memo, then transfer with little amount if EDC coin as fee.
User can check the transaction history and see both the sent and received coins over the time.

The EDC blockchain Android wallet is not yet on the play store but it is much functional and effective.Download and install the App here.
Note that is still In the Beta version and improvements are ongoing on it to make it more robust for user's desires but the improvement will not affect the downloaded wallet in any negative sense and will soon be on the Google play store.

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