Something about COVID-19

Something about COVID-19

By ilnegro | ilnegro | 27 Mar 2020

I would like to make some considerations regarding COVID-19, in particular on two points debated in these days.

COVID-19 was born in the laboratory or is a natural phenomenon?

Although the prevailing narrative tends to exclude that it was born from human genetic manipulations or that it is a variant of a coronavirus of animal origin studied in the laboratory and, in both cases, it was then inadvertently spread from a laboratory, this possibility is not totally excluded in scientific and military circles.

We take into account that:

  • experiments of this type have already been carried out
  • it is not the first time that a virus inadvertently leaves a laboratory for negligence
  • the epidemic arises in a city in China where there is actually a laboratory that carries out exactly this type of experiment
  • the laboratory is located 200 meters from the fish market where the first outbreak was born

At this point in the situation, perhaps little changes know whether and which thesis is the real one, but it is not at all true that scientists do not ask the question and are not doubtful about the answer.

If you are interested in the topic, you can learn more on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Another point that I consider interesting is the possibility, in my opinion far from remote, that some vaccinations, in particular the anti-flu and the anti-meningococcal ones, may have a relationship with the different response of the immune system compared to this new one virus.

Some sure points:

  • the areas of Bergamo and Brescia have been affected in the last year by massive vaccination campaigns against flu and anti-meningococcal
  • together with Lodigiano they are the ones with the highest mortality rate, but according to mayors and doctors of the two areas the deaths would be largely underestimated, which would make them jump unchallenged at the top of the Italian mortality rankings, well above the Lodigiano
  • there is scientific research that links anti-flu vaccinations and the increased virulence of coronaviruses

For example this research published on ScienceDirect on the consequences of the flu vaccination concludes:

Additionally, the laboratory data in our study showed increased odds of coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in individuals receiving influenza vaccination.

We all know that the mortality rate in Italy is very high, much higher than in other countries.
It is true that the epidemic in Italy is certainly in a more advanced stage than in other countries and that the Italian population is particularly old, thus increasing mortality which, everywhere, increases with advancing age.

Now the virus spreads to many other countries, so a minimum of analysis can be done.

I therefore thought of comparing the flu vaccination rate of the European countries (those that are missing have not provided the data) that you can see published by Eurostat:


They are data from 2017, but the percentages in the various countries are fairly constant.

Taking for good the data on the diffusion of COVID-19 CSSE and by relating the data of positive cases, mortality and vaccinations I have elaborated these two tables:


I think it is early to say without a shadow of a doubt that there is a relationship, but I still believe that it is a possibility not to be rejected a priori, being a relationship generally proven by scientific research and a possibility highlighted, at least in part, by the data.
There are certainly many other factors that can explain the huge differences in mortality, that of vaccinations can be one of these factors.


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