Mission impossible: to send a registered mail

Mission impossible: to send a registered mail

By ilnegro | ilnegro | 26 Mar 2020



Today I had the absolute need to send a registered letter with return receipt, that is, a letter that has legal value.
It might seem like a simple undertaking, but it was not easy at all, although in the end I did it.

As a first option it would have been extremely simple to send a certified electronic mail, which, in Italy, has legal value.
Unfortunately I have a PEC address, but the person to whom I had to send the letter does not have it, so the first, simplest solution I had to discard a priori.

As a second option, considering the peremptory invitation not to leave the house except for reasons that cannot be postponed, it was the sending of a registered letter via the poste.it online service.
Let's start from the fact that I also have a digital identity issued by poste.it, something that not many have in Italy, so I can validate the sending directly from a mobile phone.
The process for having a digital identity is quite long and still involves going to a post office personally, which I had already done some time ago, so I was in a position to do any type of operation, not just in the mail, and therefore also to send any type of letter, including a registered letter with return receipt directly online.

I tried to send online for about 2 hours, but the site was not working, so I tried to get assistance through the call center, but when, after 4 attempts and about 40 minutes of waiting, I finally took the line from the person who answered the call hung up.

So I went to try to send via the Android app directly from the smartphone.

In this case the app worked, but it demanded that I write the letter directly from the phone keypad.
So I only wrote "see attachment" and tried to attach the document in pdf format that contained the letter, but the app only accepted jpg images as attachments, it seems incredible, but it is so.
I photographed the letter with my cell phone and tried to attach it as an image, but the app could not load it giving an error on the server.

Taken from despair, I filled in the self-certification to be able to leave the house, in Italy it is necessary to have a self-certification with you, for the reasons that led you to leave the house, the journey, your personal details and a series of legal references: this

In any case, you cannot leave the municipality where you are, so the journey was 1.5 km long.
So I left with everything needed for the post office.

Here I found myself facing a truly surreal situation, considering that I haven't been out of the house for practically a month, I had not yet touched the real situation out there.

In front of the post office, a very long queue, due more to the distance from one person to the other, all kept well over the meter imposed by law; inside only one employee instead of the usual 4.

I have thus learned from other people that the post office is open only three days a week instead of six, that instead of normal hours is reduced to just the morning and, therefore, inevitably, against all logic, gatherings and queues are formed.

While I was in the queue, a small group consisting of a "carabiniere" and two soldiers arrived, all armed.
They asked everyone why he was there and who, in their opinion, did not have a postponed need to enter the post office was invited to go home.

They then checked that people respected the distances, which the three soldiers did not do at all, talking to each other at a very short distance without masks.

The village where I am now was completely deserted, apart from the gathering in front of the post office, no cars, no one on foot, closed bars, closed restaurants, closed shops, a truly post-apocalyptic scene.

From today all petrol stations are also closed, not by the will of the government, but by the choice of the managers who, not selling more fuel, have decided to close.

After more than an hour of queuing, it was finally my turn, I went in and managed to send the registered letter.

When I left it was 1:15 pm and the office closed at 1:30 pm, there were about twenty people outside who certainly would not have been able to enter in time.

For days now food has also been in short supply, I am not going to do the shopping, but several things are missing and last time, we do the shopping once a week, despite having toured all three supermarkets in the village several foodstuffs have not been found.

In a short time the situation could become truly explosive.



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