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Warmth -

Wool is lightweight and doesn’t absorb body heat, so you stay warm instead of your clothing.

Moisture Regulation -

Wool is naturally water-resistance and continually wicks away moisture from the body.

It can adsorb (not absorb) 30% of its weight in water.

Adsorption means that water molecules get trapped in the wool's porous fibers, while not feeling wet to the touch.

Heat Generation -

After wool gets wet, the hydrogen bonds of the water held within the fibers start breaking down; causing a chemical reaction that generates heat while the wool dries.

Fire Resistant -

Wool clothing has a high ignition temperature around 570-600° C.

Even when exposed to strong flames, wool will smolder for a little while and put itself out.

Burnt wool doesn't melt to the skin, emit toxic fumes and produces little smoke.

Fights bacteria, fungus and odors -

As wool wicks sweat from the body, it repels odor producing bacteria and fungus.

Easy maintenance -

Wool clothing required less frequent washing. Airing them out easily freshens them up.

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