(JaiChai) - The Prison of Linear Thinking

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Article Snippet: "...there are just too many contradictions and scientific/intellectual potholes for me to blindly accept any legacy institutions' (i.e., religion, academia, governments and central banking) version of "the truth".

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(JaiChai) - The Prison of Linear Thinking

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The vast majority of humanity is imprisoned by linear thinking; holding fast to the fallacy of "slow and steady progression" in everything they see and experience around them.

They stubbornly ignore the stop-and-go development and academia's sketchy timelines of human and cosmological development.

Why are there "missing links" - gaps that contradict the theory of a progressive and smooth evolution?

Why are there more "vaguely connecting links" still being discovered (e.g., the human ancestor and descendant of Neanderthals found in Russia called the "Denisovan")?

Why the slow growth, then the reversal, then the superhuman leaps in our species' physiology, technology and medical science (e.g., the sudden explosive growth and development of the sapien prefrontal cortex, the tool technology paradox and the natural vs. synthetic pain relief story)?

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Luckily, not all individuals are imprisoned by linear thinking.

In spite of public ridicule and professional persecution, a few courageous souls continue their lonely, self-chosen and thankless tasks to submit their work to a world full of cultivated "Sheeple" - domesticated debt-slaves born and bred to deify their financially elite overlords.

Let me briefly mention a couple of my history-challenging Heroes.

(And no, I am not going to talk about that well-renowned hero of this group, Nicola Tesla).

For years, Immanuel Velikovsky was scoffed at and ostracized for his theories of an alternate history of our planet.

It is a story not of an Earth on steady growth auto-pilot, but that of an Earth plagued with tumultuous planetary events, asteroid and comet bombardments, and subsequent environmental catastrophes; leading to a mass global extinction of almost all existing flora and fauna.

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Unlike many others, years later, Velikovsky's theories were verified and he was finally vindicated - his true genius recognized in academia and the minds of the general public.

Next up is a man challenging powerful Egyptology organizations around the world.

Robert Schoch is a tenured Professor of Natural Sciences from Boston University.

He has submitted mountains of documents, engineering and archeological evidentiary exhibits that support his claims of significant water erosion to the Sphinx from an era that predates the Pyramids.

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In other words, his theory screams for an epic re-dating of the Sphinx's creation - which begs the question, "Who really built the Sphinx?"

Ready for another conundrum?

Imagine this.

It takes modern geneticists at least a decade to create a genetically modified plant.

So how did a "lesser civilization" supposedly made up of hunter gatherers from 10,500 years ago suddenly produce not just one, but several types of domesticated crops (e.g. wheat, barley lentils and peas)?

To me, the answer is obvious. It was an intentional transfer of scientific knowledge and agricultural technology from a more advanced culture.

Lastly, I want to briefly discuss the game-changing discovery of Gobekli Tepe.

This archaeological site is by far the oldest known stone monolith arrangement to date; being built several millennia BEFORE the Pyramids and StoneHenge.

Archaeological excavation has barely scratched the surface of its massive footprint.

But a couple of things are already clear.

The symbols and animals depicted in the stone reliefs are global in nature and from diverse and far-flung civilisations separated by thousands of miles of sea and mountainous terrain that heretofore, was thought to keep them perpetually separated.

After spending decades, or maybe centuries, building the Gobekli Tepe complex, somebody spent the same (or more) time completely burying it.

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The rock and soil tomb served as a multi-thousand year protective shield against the elements and is the sole reason why the site is yielding a king's bounty of well-preserved ancient artifacts.

But, IMHO, here's the most astonishing fact unearthed - so far - from Gobekli Tepe:

The complete burial of Gobekli Tepe was Pre-Diluvian; meaning, somebody had an inkling that a devastating worldwide flood was imminent and wanted to ensure that valuable knowledge would not be forever lost to humanity - again.

So you see, there are just too many contradictions and scientific/intellectual potholes for me to blindly accept any legacy institutions' (i.e., religion, academia, governments and central banking) version of "the truth".

I am convinced that our current institutions have one prime directive, a singular "rai·son d'ê·tre"; that is "to ensure that global control remains with a group of hand-picked nepotistic elite".

How is this done?


By the tried and true methods of social engineering, intellectual anesthesia and self-sovereignty assassination via all forms of monetary hocus-pocus, escalating debt slavery, fabricated political events, fake news, identity theft, Roman style "coliseum" events, IQ-draining entertainment and endless Blackholes of worthless consumerism.

But I stray.

Getting back on topic now.

Think of it.

Almost all of our textbook history is fiction written by the victors at the time.

And every year, something we never thought could be disputed, is effectively debunked.

Don't believe me? Google or Pre-Search "Zealandia".

In closing, I'd like to ask you one question.

Your own personal answer hints to what degree you are still imprisoned by linear thinking.

"Where is the beginning of a circle?"

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May you and yours be well and love life today.

In lak'ech, JaiChai.



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