Exercising, Earning and Learning 30 OCT 2023

One of the many things I am fascinated with is quantum physics.

That's why during my morning treadmill workout - and earning crypto tokens, I viewed a few videos about the man dubbed as "The Conscience of Quantum Physics" - Wolfgang Pauli.



Wolfgang Pauli made numerous contributions to the field of quantum mechanics, but he's best known for "The Pauli Exclusion Principle".

If you've ever wondered why so-called "solid" objects continue to stay separate; that is, they don't "pass through" each other when they meet - like Kitty Pride (X-Men) phasing through walls, you'll find the answer when you delve deeper into and grok this principle.

Spoiler Alert: Contrary to popular belief, the reason for what we perceive as the properties of "solidness" has nothing to do with opposing magnetic fields (constant repulsion)...

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech,


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