(JaiChai) Two OGs reminisce about the Crypto Space "Back in the Day"

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I read a great post by @startagain's, Torum.com.

Like myself, @startagain is an "OG" (a slang term for someone who's incredibly exceptional, authentic, or “old-school.” An "Original Gansta").

His post is a great exposition about the Crypto Space "Back in the Day" and his attitude towards present day conditions.

Here's the post URL: https://www.torum.com/post/6148d310c8f9a34e9d0f22f4

I felt compelled to reply with this:


Holy Sh+t!

Superb post!

I could spend weeks addressing all of the significant events and salient issues in it.

And I agree with your rationale. Inquiry is paramount. It’s the first step towards exposing flaws and increasing public awareness. But doing so will rarely win you a popularity contest.

It’s a tough row to hoe, indeed.

And it takes a lot of courage, integrity and tenacity to stand your ground while everyone around you is caving.

‘Nuff said about that.

Your post brought up many old and dusty memories.

I remember when there was no such thing as an “altcoin”. Karpeles was still using a Linux penguin as his online avatar, while royally f*cking up MtGox.

For the post WWII or global EMP era, the “Tin Hat Crowd” were tinkering with weird alternatives for perpetuating the Bitcoin blockchain (e.g., satellites, radio, analog devices, etc.). I think most of them were further developed by DARPA and RAND Corp.?

I remember Charles H.’s “Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto | Udemy”, his co-founding of Ethereum, then his “falling out” with Vtalik.

The massive Ethereum pre-launch hype was impressive.

But then came the waiting, waiting and more waiting for the f*ckin’ launch! Meanwhile, “Ethereum is Vaporware” FUD was going viral.

Later, Ethereum’s DAO hack occurred and split the platform into Ethereum and “Ethereum Classic” (just about as successful as the Coke Classic campaign, no?).

The rise of Bitcoin Maximalism (aka snobby fanboy club) annoyed the Hell out of me. Their sh*t went viral before they even farted.

Knowing Jed M., I could see “ArmaJeddon” coming way before the rest of the Ripple crowd. When Jed split from Ripple and launched Stellar, he sent me a generous bag of XLM.

BTW, I still have some ancient XRP and XLM in my bags.

Then there's Dan.

Poor guy.

Yes, he's a genius.But his Asperger Syndrome and "F*ck it! The game's over 'cause it's my football and I'm going home!" attitude tends to sabotage everything he does; leaving many of his believers holding the bag - hence, the term "Being Larimered”.

Side Note: EOS is still alive (albeit, with dozens of forks).

The craze over DAG based projects was insane; especially with the launch of HashGraph and its “Gossip Protocol” – sort of a DAG on steroids.

But the fly in the ointment for any DAG project has been security issues and the initial "training wheels" period where designated overseers and a cabal of approving nodes are necessary until the DAG has sufficiently propagated.

It's rather convenient for the owners that "sufficiently propagated" is a fuzzy term, a matter of interpretation; thus, making its arrival and removal of said training wheels impossible to predict.

Can you say, "Blatant Centralization"?

The harbinger of doom for Ethereum was supposed to be the launch of the much heralded “Asian Ethereum” - NEO. See how that worked out?

I’d better stop here.

My brain hurts.

@startagain, from one OG to another, "Major Props" to you. buddy!


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In Lak'ech, JaiChai

(JaiChai 21 SEP 2021. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)

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