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(^image by pinterest)"How I safely exposed a Phishing Scam"

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Anytime you relinquish your password or keys, you run the risk of being hacked.

The problem is that both legitimate and illegitimate actors often require those things to make sure you are not a bot or an undeserving recipient of whatever they may be offering.


I was spammed a ridiculously unrealistic offer: 500 Steem (over $500) as a comment on one of my posts - simply for being ranked above 60.


Usually, I would quickly delete such nonsense. But then I thought of all the other people who might fall for this phishing scheme.

So, I transferred 90% of my tokens out of my online wallet and powered up the rest.

If these guys were good, the minute I submit my password or keys, they'll make their move.

But then they'll see that there is nothing to steal! (Powering down takes a week to begin. And even then, it is only 1/13th of the total per 13 weeks).

If there were a way, I would've left a nice welcome message for them. Lol!

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Anyway, I posted inquiries about the offer and asked for feedback on multiple platforms.

Then I intentionally walked into their trap.

Long story short - it was indeed a Phishing Scam.

And the platform confirmed that the commentor's ID was red-flagged for such activities.


Poor guy, if that was stolen too, whoever really owns that ID may be a victim too!

Of course, I changed my password and keys and checked everything.

My account is secure.

Score Board reads, "Anti-Phisher- 1, Lame Phisher - zero!"

(Jump back! Let me kiss myself! Hah!...)

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In lak'ech, JaiChai.

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