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Cryptocurrency trader robbed of $450,000 in Hong Kong

By ihodl25 | ihodl | 19 Jan 2021

A Hong Kong resident was robbed of $448,700 after a cryptocurrency deal. This is reported by the South China Morning Post.

The buyer of the digital currency invited the trader to the mall office to complete the transaction. She transferred USDT tokens and received HK$3.5 million in cash.

After the transaction, three men ran out of an adjoining room and took the victim's money and smartphone at knifepoint. The woman was locked in the office, and all four escaped. She used the second phone to call her husband, who called the police.

The trader had previously conducted several successful transactions with this customer. According to the police, this was the way the criminals were trying to gain the victim's trust.

According to law enforcement officials, the office had recently been rented out on a short-term lease.

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