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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? New version

20 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ihodl25

A new Satoshi Nakamoto has appeared in the crypto space, declaring himself the creator of bitcoin. On August 18, Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance (SNR) Holdings promised that Satoshi would “break his silence” and take the first step towards revealing his...

High energy consumption of BTC is justified

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read 1 comment ihodl25

According to a recent blog post by Unchained Capital (a financial company that offers cryptocurrency owners cash loans secured by their assets), in the long run, high energy consumption by bitcoin outweighs the negative impact on the climate and envi...

Binance creates analog stablecoin Libra

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ihodl25

The world's leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced plans to launch a “regional version” of Libra called Venus. According to an official statement, the main idea of ​​cryptocurrency is to deal with the existing financial hegemony, takin...

Brave will support Ledger and Trezor wallets

16 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ihodl25

The Brave r/BATProject subreddit has posted a post saying that it supports multiple crypto wallets using Brave Nightly. The screenshot shows the names Ledger and Trezor, which are supposed to be integrated with the wallet of the cloud-based financial...

Stolen from Bitfinex BTC set in motion

14 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments ihodl25

Аnother pаrt of 119,756 bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange hаs set in motion. Twitter account @whale_alert announced the transfer the day before yesterday, then аn unexpected trаnsfer of more than 30 BTC ($ 351,000) to a new, p...


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Top Things You Should Know About Enjin Coin(ENJ)

20 Feb 2020 15 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) I’m back with yet another comprehensive list of questions with informative answers, this time about the leading blockchain-gaming cryptocurrency – Enjin Coin (ENJ). If you haven’t checked out my previous FAQ articles on Chainlink (LINK) a...



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