How To Exchange LBC Tokens (LBRY) in Coinex and Withdraw in ETH to Atomic wallet. (Tutorial)

Hello family, I hope you fulfill everything you propose, today I will show how to change lbry tokens to BTC, to EOS to direct them to your Atomic Wllet and exchange them for ETH.

Why EOS ?. This post is specifically for people who want to exchange their lbry tokens, but beyond that is for those who are not willing to pay the Fees: 0.0003 BTC that charges its users the rates vary between 0.0006 BTC and 0.0002 BTC .

And you will ask yourself, why not use an exchange that has lower rates than Coinex? The answer is very simple and that is that you can use the exchange that suits you best but in this case we will use Coinex because this allows you to make exchanges with your lbry tokens, you could exchange in Bitrex or other exchanges but Coinex is recommended by the LBRY developers.

Also the time that I have used it I can tell you that it is very easy to exchange an asset from coinex, its interface is very intuitive. In addition to that with a small amount of money you can start buying altcoins or tokens which you know about their projects and you know that in the short and long term they will have a good behavior to earn interest in your satoshis, or directly buy portions of ETH because apparently this trading at the bottom of your current ascending channel on the daily chart. In other words, paint an image of 50% up and 3% down.



You are responsible for your decisions, therefore I am sure that you have great power in the decisions you make, because you are fit and capable of achieving anything, let's start ...

Before starting if you want to withdraw your LBC tokens from Lbry and you still do not know how to do it, I wrote this post especially for you, which details step by step how to withdraw your LBRY earnings, just click on G-sus.



To continue you should have read the post, after we have exchanged all our LBC tokens for Satoshis now if we can exchange it for other tokens with great potential it can be BAT, SNX, MATIC, ERD if you want me to talk a little more about these projects "interesting" leave your comment.

This time we will buy EOS and SNX.

SNX we will use it to do an experiment but that is for another post, this time we will focus on removing EOS. But remember that you can use a good Technical Analysis to find the best entry point. For example, we bought both EOS and SNX in the final stages of a pullback since previously the momentum was and is totally bullish, obviously adding other parameters, but this is only to summarize, this time we will only focus on withdrawing EOS to send them to our Atomic wallet.


Why don't I exchange it directly for Ethereum?

0.005 is the minimum amount that coinex allows you to buy from Ethereum, so we will buy tokens for a lower price. It is also perfect if you are starting with very little capital. Because network rates are much lower.





Now that you have your coins, you should already have an active EOS account in your Atomic Wallet, if you do not have it active yet, you just have to follow the instructions that you have and you have to generate a new address for your account, click on Next and now only accountcreat will appear as your address and a memo, both must be copied from the account where you are going to send them. (By the way you will have to wait 10 minutes or less for your new account to be created, then you will have to close and reopen your Atomic Wallet, so that the balance is reflected in your account).





You go to your main balance in Coinex and look for the asset that you are going to withdraw, as we will send EOS we click on withdraw. In the address of the account we will write: accountcreat and we will add the message that we had copied before from our Atomic Wallet. And we put the amount we want to withdraw, we finish by clicking send.




You just have to authorize the withdrawal and you will have to wait for the request confirm to your email.







Ready, now you can see the whole process you did by clicking on the TXID.





To finish you can either hoof your tokens or exchange them for any other asset, BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, etc.





Thanks for reading have a great day 🤗


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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

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Welcome to the most persistent family

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