Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool

By bengy | Idle Musings | 28 Dec 2023

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Phew... another Binance Launchpool... this is the third in about a month or so, and each of them has been a nice chance to pick up some listing profit and a small moonbag for the incoming bull market. I do find many of the Binance Launchpools to be jumping on the latest hype thing, and so I find them to be easy dumps on listing. Still, as usual, I don't presume to know better than the general market, and I will always keep a small moonbag (usually around half the allocation) in case I chose wrong. But even with dumping half, I end up with a nice stash of stablecoins to reallocate... or to treat myself to something nice!

So, when I saw the Sleepless AI Launchpool being billed as AI meets Web3-Gaming... well, my first thoughts were, wow... they managed to stitch together the two latest hype-buzzwords into a single product! That didn't really endear me to the token and project as I started looking at the research report...


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Sigh... and as I started reading, it got worse. So, this appears to be a dating/companionship Tamogotchi... similar to the existing Web2 variants (Replikant?) that already exist... but instead of spending fiat money on the AI avatar, you now spend AI tokens instead. This is a pointless use case, there are existing tokens/coins that cover that... but it is a way of sinking the token out of the economy. The rest of the use cases, well... to do "pageant competitions(?) and the usual staking for governance and inflation. Nothing too much out of the ordinary for a NFT-like platform...


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So, you are allocated a soulbound virtual boy/girlfriend when you enter... and you interact with them on a daily basis... like a Tamogotchi... for adults.


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Token technical details... BEP-20.. so, BSC based. No surprise for a Binance backed product!


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


So, a gaming platform... with the HIM/HER girl-boyfriend AI simulator/pet as the initial flagship product... I wonder if that is the tip of the development iceberg? Or if they will enable other studios to start creating different games with the AI token as the binding glue?

...but that project mission... it is quite painful to read... but apparently this does serve a need. I would debate whether or not this is the way forward though...


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So, there is existing traction and use case with the existing AI companions that already exist in the regular internet world... the novel thing here is the addition of a token loop and economy.


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


Uh... right, this is one of the HIM avatars...


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


... and here are the two of the other potential avatars...


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


Okay, straight to the token distribution and economy. Launchpool is provisioned with a decent allocation of the tokens, more than the initial airdrop! In previous launchpools, it has been pretty much equal weighting.


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


Same, but in pretty colours!


Thoughts on Sleepless AI (AI): Binance Launchpool.png


So, at initial listing, we are looking at the Binance Launchpool again being the dominant liquidity source for the AI token. Combined with he initial airdrop and the short term growth fund, we are are looking at some serious dumping and volatility potential. And again, like most of these token launches, I'm looking to dump into the first 30 seconds of listing when the price is all over the place and likely to be unreasonably high.


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