Dymension (DYM) Claim in progress

By bengy | Idle Musings | 4 Jan 2024

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Celestia (TIA) was a huge drop for users of Ethereum and Cosmos in 2023, and it is already providing services as a data availability network for modularising blockchains. A big part of scaling Cosmos and Ethereum lies in modularising data availability and other non-essential functions away from the mainnet or rollup. Of course, this is pretty easy to do if you don't care about verifiability or anything like that... just point to a URL or something. Or if you don't care about the impact on fees and network health... just plant inscriptions into each block instead. This has been the way for Layer 1s that are focussed on a single fast mainnet.. and that was the last cycle's technological metric... Transactions per second (TPS), or how fast can you run your mainnet... or in the case of Solana and some other Layer 1 alternatives, a emphasis on parallelisation of intsead.

Ethereum and Cosmos took the turn towards modularity and Layer 2/3 built upon a central hub or mainnet. The idea that not every single decentralised network would need to replicate everything as a general purpose network, but instead, having specialised networks that could have certain functions (such as data availability) verifiably offloaded and accessible on them.... thus reducing the load on the general purpose chains.

Celestia (TIA) was the big modular launch of last year, and it has done pretty well so far! Dymension (DYM) is the next in line for a modular approach to building rollapps... so, a hub that will provide the services to rollapps that are built upon it to easily offload functions to specialised networks like Celestia or Eigenlayer.


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The claim portal is now open for most of January, and will drop to users of Ethereum Layer 2s, Solana... as well as larger allocations for stakers on Cosmos and Celestia (as well as other Cosmos chains). There are also allocations for certain NFT holders and the fun will continue when the mainnet is launched for those who provide liquidity.

Everything is built on the Cosmos ecosystem, same as Celestia... and it does seem promising, or at the very least, promoting the modular solution to scaling. Who knows... if it does as well as Celestia in terms of price and providing future-proof infrastructure... I'll be pretty happy!


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