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Supercharger is a reward system that is like coin minting. When you supercharge your CRO token, your CRO tokens are working for you to mine/mint/bring the token to be earned. As the working mechanism is simple and profitable, there is a great demand on the Supercharges when the token to be minted are worthy ones like Bitcoin, UNI, Doge(😜)


Honestly speaking, locking periods are one of my nightmares in crypto because I lost multiple times of earnings while the tokens are locked in some platforms. Thus, I pretend cautiously while taking the decision of locking my crypto assets. Now that I find it worthy and I've been earning safely, I can share my experience and insight.

- Let's explore how does the system work
- Let's discuss how profitable the events are

How does Supercharger work?

Basically, you are locking your CRO tokens and, after a period, you are given the target coin for a certaim period of time.

If you lock your CRO for 10 days, you are earning the target token equally distributed for, let's say, 15 days. It's like our BRO token or Archon drips etc 😄

When you visit the website, you can see the past and ongoing Supercharger events. For instance, today there is a live charging for BOSON token.(Not Bitcoin every time 😅)


In this example, you lock for 10 days, then you accept the distribution and the drips are coming to your wallet every day until the dead line. For BOSON, you will lock your CRO for 10 days and the distribution will take place for 30 days.

The Liquidity Score like SPS token distribution

As you lock some CRO token, you are given a liquidity score that will be calculated once it is compared with the total liquidity score of Superchargers.

As the locking period is live for 10 days, you may increase or decrease your liquidity score depending on your decision. At that point, the scores are reflected as daily scores and added for a total sum.

 Liquidity Score = (100,000 / 200,000,000) = 0.0005
Total rewards = 0.0005 * 100,000 BOSON = 50 BOSON
Rewards paid per day during Reward Period = 1.66 BOSON (e.g.)

So it is quite simple and practical for most of us. One last step is accepting the tokens once the locking period is over. The day you accept the distribution, you start receiving the drips. If you miss some days, the drips of these days can no longer be received. Thus, we should note the special days to some place on our agendas 🤓

Final part, "Acceptance of Drips"

In this part, all you have to do is clicking on a button to start the process. When you accept the allocation, there is nothing more to be done for this event. It's over 💁‍♂️


SHIBA was the previous Supercharger event and I have received the token for 45 days. The day it ends, another charging period starts to let your CRO work for you. As you can see above, I get 9307 SHIBA per day.

My Own Experience & Suggestions

So far CRO has always made me happy with it's performance and production in crypto ecosystem. With it's debit card, partnership with Formula 1 and advertisements, the project made us believe that they are working with a clear vision.

When it comes to Supercharger, I'm happy with the outcomes. For example, I've earned and held UNI, BTC, ZIL and I may trade them when they skyrocket. However, I directly turn the other coins/token into CRO and lock these tokens to increase the number of CRO coins as well as liquidity scores.

  •  What's good? -> You can increase your CRO holding by trading the other tokens and utilize it in CRO island.
  •  What's hard? -> You may lose the track of deadlines. Drips might be wasted 💧💧💧
  •  What's suggested? -> Just take a look at the things going around here. I do not hold a lot but I enjoy, earn and appreciate the service.

Final Note: exchange is growing rapidly. The listing of Hive on this exchange may also be good for Hive to reach more people. It would be great to turn the token earnings directly into Hive to feed Hive ecosystem. On the other hand, CRO token has the utility in Cash back for the debit card. IMHO, these projects, with real use cases, are essential for our crypto ecosystem.

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