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If you are spending your hours on TradingView, you are likely to develop a new form of addiction that is not dangerous but painful. Since the collapse of the pandemic in the global markets and the inflation being "created" by printing millions of dollars daily, we have pretty fragile but inflation-driven markets all around the world.

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Even though no one feels safer in their investments, compared to the pre-pandemic times, they are putting their money into markets as the inflation forces them to invest otherwise their purchasing power will melt as the prices go up.

In such a chaotic era, where some people expect USD to collapse due to the debt of the US government on one side and the expectation of large-scale global tension on the other side, investing can be stressful and results might be depressing. Since the collapse of FTX, crypto people lost thousands of dollars, in their mental and physical health in the historically long bear market. Realizing that I'm one of these people, I decided to keep things simpler.

Letting Professional's Grow Your Investment

Through the end of 2022, I started to explore mutual funds that have specific focuses such as commodities, Brent Oil, foreign technology stocks, local stock markets etc. After spending more than 6 years in crypto, I have developed my "spider senses" to identify paradigm shifts and read the technical charts.

When I see an opportunity or threat in one of the markets, I no longer open short / long positions or stay awake through the night, rather, I only enter a sell order and accept my profit or loss in the mutual funds. In this way, I do not need to examine every single company before investing, the professionals do it for me already. Of course, I accept to pay some commission for this service. However, when I compare my current state with earlier times, I feel much healthier both psychologically and physically.

You may check some mutual funds and take positions according to the market cycle of the assets you want to invest in. Then, just let the fund managers work for you.

On-Chain Dollar Cost Averaging

One of the reasons why people do not follow DCA strategy is laziness. When I had my stablecoins in Ethereum Mainnet or Binance, I no longer keep a single dollar on Binance, I was too lazy to swap the stablecoins for the coins and withdraw them to my wallets. That happened a couple of times while investing in RNDR, ARB and OP tokens.

To eliminate this strong rival of mine, I started to transfer the stablecoins to these Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains to do my swaps with a single click via decentralized exchanges. It has been working very well on SUI investments and the results are not bad on the side of ARB and OP. Also, HiveHub is an amazing platform to exchange 1$ HBD to HIVE instantly!

When you keep stablecoins on the right chains, the results will be way better compared to storing stablecoins on a single chain.

More Money / Less Money Cycle

This has the upmost importance in my investments!

In my investment life, I always saw central banks as my enemies and tried to stay strong against them. Yet, it rarely ended up well from my side. When the central banks want to achieve something, one way or another, they do it. If we are living in a world that is tied to their policies, we need to play their game accordingly.

While playing the game of central banks, I'm not advertising interest accounts that give %5 for a whole year. HBD already has 20% APR for stablecoin investment 😉

I learned not to get stressed when central banks are thightening the economies. Enjoy witnessing the historical times and adjust your investments as the paradigms shift.

How do you simplify your investments? Share your own experience below 👇

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