End of Cheap Era in Play2Earn Ecosystem

The whole crypto market is green as the eyes of institutional investors are on the market. They are coming with huge sums of capital to settle their systems and make gains as middlemen.

When the bull leg starts, the money flows into the strong Top 20 - 50 projects which are hyped or still cheap to be invested. Afterward, the Layer 1 projects, ETH Layer 2 projects, and Top 100 get their piece of the pie. As it has an order, Play2Earn waits for its turn to get its well-deserved capital.



Until now, we have witnessed a slight increase in the prices of Play2Earn tokens. The majority of investment is on the side of veteran cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and other L1 & L2 projects.

While they are naturally pumping harder, the prices of Play2Earn will be cheaper compared to the others and this situation will bring the investors in first hand. The second buying pressure will be created with more new gamers on the blockchain-based games. As the demand increases, it is going to pump harder.


Play2Earn Category on CMC

Move To Earn as Brother Concept

For Play2Earn system, there is one more "brother" concept that we will be watching: Move2Earn!

As you know, Sweat Economy, Actifit, STEPN and many other Move to Earn projects found a place in the growing ecosystem.


Obviously, both of these projects have very limited market capitulation, around $4.6B in total, and they can easily make a couple of x in a green crypto ecosystem.

Do not forget the fact that those projects that have survived the harsh bear market and FUD-oriented days of crypto will be under the radar of top exchanges and investors.

When there is a rush into the GameFi, there is still a limited number of NFTs, Play2Earn / Move2Earn tokens or Lands to be owned.


It might be the last days of low volume and cheap rental in Splinterlands ecosystem. While there are still cheap rentals with high levels, I'll be hunting for them for the whole week!

Cheap rentals may enable you trade your own card for high prices to buy stronger ones while you have the same card rented for a very cheap cost. This can be a nice strategy to make your Decks stronger before everyone rushes into them!


Note for the future: The cheapest LAND is sold for only $34 and Validator Node Licenses are traded at $565 in the open market. I expect the price of Validator Node License to hit the in-game price in the bull -market. There are still only 5,000 licenses sold and there are only 7 licenses listed on Hive-Engine.

All in all, Play2Earn concept, so does Move2Earn, waits for its turn to grab attention. When the time comes, we will really miss cheap Rental, almost free Lands, and undervalued Validator Node Licenses a lot!

Enjoy the positive sentiment in crypto ecosystem and track the Splinterlands data on PeakMonsters. Try not to miss still cheap rentals for long time 😉

Do you have any other suggestions for gamers / investors? Share with us below!

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