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By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 27 Jan 2022

We are in the middle of something... For some people, it is a healthy correction that will end up with $100K Bitcoin and for the others, who are more bearish, we are in the bear market.


If you check the VIX Index (a.k.a Fear Index), you will see the rise in the fear index trigger sell off for the risky investments majorly cryptocurrencies and stocks. Obviously, the expectation of war between Ukrain and Russia drives market in a harsh way. In addition, the inflation rates are scary enough for many safe investors to finalize their crypto journey at that point.

While everything is going down, what to invest while they are on sale?

The Aspect of Cryptocurrencies

Obviously, the majority of the crypto investors follow Coinmarketcap to check their favorite coins. On the other hand, the NFTs are losing more value against the cryptocurrencies. Consequently, the drop in their prices are more attractive when we calculate the Risk/Reward for the purchase.

Would Dollar Cost Averaging work in this condition?

From my side, cryptocurrencies can be bought at certain support levels only if you are holding a bunch of them. What do I mean?
If your average X coin hodling is $10, you may decrease the average by buying lower to $8 - $7 gradually. So, the gains may compensate your previous unrealized loses with the decreasing average of your hodling.

Is this the best way? I may question it. However, during the deep 2018-2020 market, it was one of the best performing strategies that I applied for some hot coins.

But for Dollar Cost Average strategy, I'm still waiting for healthier signs to spend $ that I took profit from higher levels.

The Side of NFTs ( Majorly, Gaming NFTs)

I want my NFTs work for me. That's my simplest expectation from these digital assets. To be able to utilize their idiosyncrasy, I believe gaming NFTs are the best options that these assets can reach their potential.

If you are playing #Splinterlands, I'm pretty sure you understand what I mean. When you buy a single card with a couple of bucks:

Option 1: Use it for the battles.
Option 2: Rent it for DEC gains.
Option 3: Increase your CP for higher tiers + SPS (indirecly, + Voucher) Airdrops.

On the other hand, "the piece of Art" NFTs do not fit my view in that sense. Thus, I'm following my own path for Gaming NFTs.

Splinterlands NFTs - Nearly for Free

Basically, you will be looking for Splinterlands cards that are useful for battles and budget-friendly for your gaming investment.

What you may do in daily / weekly basis can be checking Reward + Chaos Legion cards with Epic and Legendary options selected in terms of rarity.


Why Reward + Chaos Legion Packs?
Floor Price for Epic and Legendary Cards:
Alpha - $27
Beta - $15
Promo - $15
Untamed - $5
Dice - $3.4
Reward - $0.62
Chaos - $0.93

So, you can easily pile up and level up Epics and Legendaries for really low prices. Do not forget that these cards are called Epic and Legendary since they have the potential to change the direction of a battle!

Renting may not provide as high return as before but this is another option that you can always make good return.

Another way for that can be using Peak Monsters' Market to find lowest price per BCX cards.


I do not buy the first card that I see on that page. I seek the ones that I can use in the battles and, maybe, the ones that can be rented for nice return when the market settles.

Waves Ducks - P2E on Waves

Waves Ducks is another Free to Play P2E game that gains popularity. The game lets you grow your baby duckling to a duck if you do not want to buy ducks on the market or hatch a duck for 3.85 EGG tokens.


You can interpret the table as a duck can produce $101 a months and you can payback it in 11.6 months in EGG tokens. If you consider that the price of $EGG token had always been above $1000, it can be a great return.


AlienWorlds is another blockchain-based game with second highest number of daily playeres after the leader Splinterlands (<3). While the game has bonds with Binance exchange, the Metaverse concept of the game has not been launched. So, there is still way to go for the game. Let me show you an example chart for one of the *mining tools* named Standard Drill


I'm using 3 Standard Drills for mining. By using three drills, you can mine up to 0.3 TLM in every 14 minutes. I think the return of the investment can be reached easily when the prices go up in another bull run.


The gaming industry is trying to adapt itself to crypto ecosystem with either their on-chain transactions or the tokens that they develop. For the in-born blockchain-based games, the P2E concept is nothing new especially when we consider the long history of Splinterlands.

I do not invest in cryptocurrencies if I do not try to dollar cost average any coin that I bought from higher levels. My major concern is on the gaming NFTs such as Splinterlands, WavesDucks, AlienWorlds as I mentioned. Honestly speaking, these NFTs are nearly for free. Consider the fact that they will both increase in price and their utilities will let you make returns from today.

If you believe in the bright future of GameFi / Play2Earn model, Splinterlands and many other games are for free 🤤

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