Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks

AI, Big Data, GPU, and all technology-based products are valuable in the crypto ecosystem as there is at least 1 project working on the categories. This is not surprising to see that GPU and AI are the hottest concepts after the magnificent performance of NVIDIA this year.

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Undoubtedly, the investors care about the new trends and take positions accordingly. Though there was no such hype in crypto back in 2020 - 2021, AI and GPU Rental markets get more value in today's market conditions.

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With the rise of extensive GPU usage in gaming and more demand for rendering in video edits as well as several other operations, people need more types of equipment so that they do their work. However, as computing power is seen as the new form of fuel in the new world, the imbalance in the supply and demand side makes it harder for people to find cheap GPU and do their work.

As it can be highly expensive for companies / individuals to have their GPUs and run them 7/24, the cloud rental systems are getting more and more popular.

In crypto, we have mentioned $RNDR several times and the hype on RNDR proves that we caught the hype on time on InLeo.

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Similar to what we see on NVIDIA, RNDR is shining with its GPU Cloud Rental system and strong connections of the project.

While we only know RNDR services in this branch, there are many other crypto projects that do similar work with Render.

DePin Ecosystem is Coming to Conquer

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There is another world on this side of the crypto ecosystem. Computing can be an important category under Server rentals but there are also such types of Infrastructures, Smart systems, and wireless and/or offline services.

Contrary to the other hypes in crypto such as GameFi, DeFi, zk EVMs, etc, these new projects are completely different as they connect the real world with the blockchain through rentals and marketplace offers.

As crypto enthusiasts who chase their financial independence through the right investment decisions, we should have an eye on the growing ecosystem of the DePin (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) concept and follow the updates closely. So far RNDR, Clore, and Injective are under my radar.

Obviously, the lists will go longer and we will also see a lot of copy paste projects that do not have a real product but they will try to sell some dreams to the novice crypto investors. Our duty is differentiating the promising projects with real use case and the ones that have no real value but a nice user interface.

While MEXC, Hotbit, and some other small cap centralized exchanges might have these hidden gems, it might be too complex to find and take out these projects. Maybe, it is better to have a deeper understanding of GPU mechanisms and a, possibly, successful business model that can be applied at the top of a blockchain project. Let's have a strong list of the projects that we must invest in #inleo 🦁

Please keep in mind that the majority of the projects are too young to put a lot of money in. Thus, adjust your bag accordingly before diving into them!

Do you have any investments in the concept of DePin in your crypto bag? Share your expectations and ideas below 👇

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