CUB 4Belt Kingdom to Stabilize Risks in Q1 2022

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 18 Feb 2022

The global inflation is showing up itself in every single chart all around the globe. While the prices are raising and energy crisis is in the corner, the central banks feel pressure on themselves to preserve the purchasing power of the fiat currencies.

Since the dynamics of economy can be too fragile to be broken, each step should be cautiously taken by people, companies, governments and central banks. Although the effects of the decisions may vary, the decision of interest rates by FED is strong enough to have impact on the rest of the fiat currencies.


Increasing interest rates will be interpretation of making dollar more demanded assets compared to the other investment options. For the increases in the interest rates, the initial reaction of crypto market (so does stock market IMHO) will be losing some volume and value for a short term.

Stable Bag for More Flexibility

If your expectation is in the same vein, I believe having stable coins aside will provide you flexibility to catch the opportunities or to hedge your possible loses.

In De-Fi ecosystem, you may have great APR rates for distinctive projects. However, you should never forget the risks that you take by putting your money in a system. Under these conditions security will always be your first thing that we should consider.


In 4Belt Kingdom, you are getting Liquidity Pool APR from Belt Finance + you are given CUB tokens that make %21+ APY for your stable coin investment.

Looking Beyond the APY

PolyCUB Airdrop
As you may know, CubFinance will have PolyCUB on Polygon Network and there will be airdrop for those who have a share in Cub Finance. With the CUB tokens you earn, you can receive %36+ APY in CUB Kingdom + your shares will be counted for upcoming airdrop.

The auto compounding mechanism is one of the most profitable systems that is deployed in De-Fi projects. Thanks to auto compounding, your shares will generate more value and increase in price while bringing additional benefits accordingly.

With this mechanism, you do not need to pay massive fees when you need to compound your liquidity tokens. In exchange, all you need is putting your LP tokens into CUB Kingdom.

0 Impairment Loss
As you are providing $1 equivalent tokens for both sides, your assets are already in a secure position by nature. Whenever you see an option to jump in, you can unstake your LP tokens and make an investment with your stable portfolio.

Leo Bridge Utilities
Even if you are not going to invest in Binance Smart Chain, you can utilize Leo Bridge to transfer your values to Hive, Ethereum and *Polygon (loading...)*

For the bridges, you can enjoy WLEO, BLEO, LEO (HIVE) and PLEO to be traded in the target blockchain. Such a great use case ✌


Community, Development & Vision

These strong sides of CUB investments may not be easy to prove as the statistical data but anyone can obviously realize that the team and CUB project are supported by heart by a genuine community.

Each project in Hive is embraced and supported with no question. Since one of the ideologies that many people share in Hive is to build and grow to fix a problem, the CUB and LEO projects are prioritized.

The multi-chain operations are the future of De-Fi. CUB project has been paving a way to provide opportunities for the investors. It's worth supporting and appreciating 👊🏼


The global risks, energy crisis and the inflation rates are scary enough to make people sell off their risky assets to be in the safe side. Under these circumstances, the crypto ecosystem is also likely to be effected with the negative atmosphere in the world.

To stabilize the risks and have more options to preserve your stored value and generate more options to invest in projects, the stable coins can be a great match for the low-risk porfolios. At that point, 4Belt CUB Kingdom provides auto-compounding, %21+ APY and airdrop chances to those who take smart decisions.

By utilizing Belt Finance's security and $1 pegged stable coins, the investors may bring more options for themselves to increase their digital assets by using 4 Belt Kingdom in CUB Finance.


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