Bull Market Portfolio in 4 Major Categories

These days the markets are purely red. However, for someone who still has stablecoins to buy cheap coins, the market is on sale. While there are some nice offers, let's talk about our Bull-market portfolio plans.

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For my crypto investments, I am thinking about 4 major categories to invest in before the bull market that I expect in Q2 2024. Categories are:

  • BTC, ETH & Stable Bag
  • 2022-2023 Coins Bag
  • Veteran Crypto Bag
  • High Risk, AI, and Meme Bag

Conservative Investments

Normally there is a strict rule of 70% Bitcoin and 30% altcoins however if you want to make gains but also stay on a "relatively" safer side during the market cycles. However, you have to increase the risk so that you can also multiply your gains easily.

In that sense I would like to limit my Bitcoin portfolio to around 35% so meanwhile you need to always have at least a 10% stable coin portfolio so that you can make new trades while we are in a healthy correction in the bull run. On the other hand, as far as I've observed, I am becoming an Ethereum maximalist because I am witnessing that Ethereum is becoming the platform of the platforms where we are driving the whole monetary actions and technological advancements in blockchain technology.

You can clearly see it from the rise of L2s on Ethereum and the deflationary mechanism are two great narratives of it. As a result, I will allocate 20% of my portfolio to Ethereum.

Consequently, we have 35% Bitcoin, 10% stable to be spent when necessary and 20% Ethereum in the first group. It makes 65% of the total portfolio.

Popular Investments (2022-2023)

In the second category, we will invest in 2022-2023 coins that have never seen a bull-run. It is actually too broad I'm aware of it but in the market, there are some unwritten rules, for example, if a new project has not pumped hard but a similar "old / veteran" one skyrocketed, the investors expect it to do the same thing. As a result, the attention shifts on them and being a veteran project may become a disadvantage compared to the potential in the bull run, of course, these coins are going to gain value as the others.

I have some major coins that have started to collect slowly but firmly. These coins are: Arbitrum, Optimism, Connext, Stargate, Maverick (it's going to be a bit surprising but) Sui and Sei projects are also likely to show a performance similar to the one that Polygon Solana or Avalanche showed in the past.

These are the ones it's highest expectations and the real use case. In terms of their distribution, I would put 15% to that group. Most probably, 10% will be distributed among Arbitrium, Optimism, Sui and Sei. For the rest of it, which is 5%, I would invest in the new DeFi projects which are on new L1 and L2 platforms at that point cross-chain projects bridge AMM platforms like Stargate, Maverick, GMX and dYdX might have a better future.

In total, 10% for new strong L1 and L2s, 5% for new DeFi projects. Also, I added dYdX and GMX to that group as their new versions are purely different from what they were.

Veteran Crypto Investments

Here we have our strong projects that have been active in crypto. For Layer 1s, we can count Avalanche, Solana (?), Hive and BNB (op BNB, new version) and Aptos.

In terms of Layer 2, we need to focus on new Polygon (zk version) and Loopering.

My GameFi investment has always been the same: Splinterlands and Alien Worlds.

Finally, I would add XRP and XLM for the bank-to-bank system.

In total, 10% of the portfolio will be spent on the veteran projects as the hype will be majorly on the new ones that have never been pumped before. However, these projects have proven themselves in time and they may surprise us, as well ✌🏼

High Risk, AI, and Meme Coin Investments

The third group has a larger scale compared to the others. Actually, we need some sub-categories and at least one or two projects to be put in each category. We need to talk about artificial intelligence and semiconductors chips. My favorite project has long been RNDR. It is an amazing project for rendering operations and love it also, for artificial intelligence we have Chain GPT project which is a solid AI project.

Apart from them, we need new meme coins because people with a limited amount of money enjoy buying thousands of tokens that have lots of zeros on the price. We may have the rise of Doge or Shiba again. Yet, my top meme coin is Pepe. Personally, I expect it to skyrocket in this group.

I only have 10% and it is "pretty conservative" for crypto. This group will bring more money than the others if we can compare them in the future however this is a solid and safer investment strategy.

These are the categories I am focusing on after witnessing two bull markets in crypto. The percentages may change but sentiment will be the same. Diversify the portfolio and catch up with all categories. Meanwhile, veteran projects may make new higher-highs that let you make good gainz as before.

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