Which will moon?

Which will moon?

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 17 Jul 2019

Currently the tribes on steem are booming new ones are being released all the time and people are making money

So which one will be the one?

I am invested in every one some with stakes some with miners


Weedcash was the first and is still going strong. I don't post as I stopped smoking weed but like to check out what's going on I have a decent amount staked so I can upvote things I like and make decent weed weekly. I stake around half and sell the other half


I got an airdrops and staked it all since then bought some when people sold there airdrops held on and 4x easy money. I use the tag to post but don't really do much as it is just similar to steem


I am most active on this and have a heavy stake and make the most hear. Perfect for me as I love sport. I can see this going strong as people are coming in everyday


This is more to do with investment and finance. Has some interesting topics and I post in here on my investment and how they are going 

There are so many more in the works and just being deployed 

One more which I am excited about but I'm not letting this out of the bag yet as I'm trying to buy as many tokens to stake as I can but could be huge

Overall my perception of steem as a whole has changed. I struggled for over a year and lost half my investment and almost gave up completely after a short break.

Engagement is awesome as everyone on each tribe is interest in the topics.

I did a post where I got 30+ comments which was unheard of previously 

Majority have a 50/50 split or 60/40 which means if you invest some money and time you can make money jusy by upvoting(curating)

I'm happy now as I am finally making money which I can reinvest and also invest in different projects.

Long my it continue 


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