No Referral No Promotion

No Referral No Promotion

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 10 Jul 2019

351665157-4bda289f114cfc43e2b04dc744cc46969c82b4a82eea6bbe93e66334b8f414df.jpegI have been waiting for a week for people to talk about a platform that everyone knows about yet no-one is mentioning why?

Is it Fb?

No we have had endless articles about that how bad it is, how everyone hates it, yet promoting them unknowingly by just mentioning there name over and over again

Is it minds? 

No heard about that enough with a federal link slapped in your face for good measure

So why and Wtf is it?

Why is simple it has no referral link so the referral whores don't care about you, when they won't get nothing.

Alternatively they ain't very good at sniffing out opportunities 

I have made more in the past 2 weeks then have in the past 2 years on this platform

Im talking about all the tribes sprouting up on steemit. 

I stopped with steemit around 6 months ago afyer investing money and getting nowhere and by pure look I started messing about on it again around 2 months ago. It was dead people just moaning and the whales taking all the money

Soon after weedcash got launched I bought in and just started curating as I don't have a massive interest in it.

Then came palnet I invested some money and then got an airdrop of around 400 pal thought it wouldn't work out so sold almost all for around 200 steem(mistake)

I invested in leo, sporttalk and a 2 others

The ones I didn't want to post on I bought miners and some I just curate on

I am not recommending any as it's dependent on individuals and interests 

I wish I could have come to steem at the beginning but heard about it too late 

These 'tribes' are resets so everyone gets a chance to make money 

I originally bought steem over $1 some around 2 the fact that it is below $0.50 right now and I'm buzzing should say a lot. These tribes are going to grow because people are not even pushing them yet and more are springing up. Price of steem will not stay here for long it is already up over the past few weeks and I anticipate it will carry on.

People have speculated about every platform being the steem killer. None are even close and I feel more people will return to steem and new ones will come with so many options and a better playing field

If I'm wrong I'm wrong cool but so far I'm right 

If your not on, get on it's free

If you were on and left get back on and see for yourself

Here is my referral link below



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