Men vs Women in sport

Men vs Women in sport

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 25 Jun 2019

351665157-707ee6b5e6fb874845d032e14149ef3d81537f7cace488621e47a7258b84a067.pngAre men and women equal when it comes to sport?
Should women get paid the same as men in sport?
Feminist will argue yes, coz thats what they love doing, but in reality its not even close.
Can you name me 1 sport where women are on the same level as men?
Even the least physical 'sports' such as darts, snooker, pool women have competed with men and are nowhere near on the same level.
Serena Williams arguably the best female sports star who i think is amazing once played the 200 ranked male tennis player in practice lost 6-0 6-1 shock was she won a game and she openly admits there is no comparison
Other conclusive proof if you need it is transgender athletes who were born men therefore have bone structure muscle density etc
Fallon Fox poor male athlete competed with women knocked them out for fun
Mary Gregory trans power lifter broke 4 world records in ONE day
I rest my case
The media loves throwing things out there coz we are basically stupid to them.
Remember when Rhonda Rousey was the baddest women alive and there was a debate about how she would do against Floyd Mayweather lol
I respect all athletes especially women as a lot of them have to go through a lot to follow there dreams.
I have nephews that are pro athletes and some amateurs as the are young will they make it to the top honestly no. So for anyone to make it to the top of there profession huge respect
Just please stop comparing the 2


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