Blockchain took my money

Blockchain took my money

By Qam2112 | Ideas/Observations | 29 Jun 2019

351665157-6883a67451148bb9e6318e9eff160f71284ab4098cdb61652e3bdc2514337fdb.pngI am an avid gambler been gambling for years 

Came in to crypto few years ago. After a while got into the gambling apps

Registered with fortune jack a blockchain powered shit hole 

I deposited 100000 satoshis and started playing sports betting and dice 3 days later 0.05 btc nice one I thought let's cash min out and play with the rest 

Fortune Jack said I don't think so

351665157-5dd2b5039a406e9fbac060f7ef7566eb79e31b1f0e1f2d34892b0ab9017e269e.pngDidn't have any bonus active but thought never mind will play through it day later 0.13 awesome let's cash out

Same shit - wait a second can cancel my non existent bonus

351665157-1c091011e421c6116939efe4d1cb46503f6561c3808f1170e41c7af7eb3db961.pngOn this screen you can see a doge bonus but I'm playing btc and it only got activated when I wanted to cash out

Emailed them no reply next day 0.2 btc stopped playing week later after numerous email no reply so I went a bit crazy had a 0.2 btc bet on football which came in and played 0.2 spin on dice obviously lost that one 

351665157-53ebcb64c4db24ac89162504627f6020a2c17bf1d16e5c47cb7be4b3b1ece5e2.pngShows the spin for 0.2 btc but not the bet that was active at the time that's last time I was able to log in

So turns out good old blockchain is only as good as the bastards running it 😁


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