The Horror of Our Ways (Minimal Mix)

The Horror of Our Ways (Minimal Mix)

By iconDARK | iconDARK | 20 Feb 2019


The Horror of Our Ways turned out to be a pretty popular dark ambient track. The more I listened to it, however, the more I wondered what it would sound like stripped of all the effects and automation. So I re-visited the original track and stripped away all the samples and most of the effects, including the reverse-track effect that created the original's signature sound, leaving only a piano, mandolin, guitar, reverb, and reverb. (Reverb is listed twice because there are two of them.) This necessitated some re-mixing and re-mastering, so the levels aren't exactly the same as the original. I wasn't really surprised by the result.


It was as I suspected: stripped down to an almost-unplugged level, the song still packs the same (if not more) emotional impact. It's still depressing as hell, but it does get a bit repetitive without the heavily manipulated samples between the guitar sections. Those samples were put there for a reason. Without them, this "minimal" version could do with a trim (by as much as 50%), but I chose to keep the length the same as the original for comparison purposes.


You can stream the original version here:


So which one do you like better? 

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