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Atlanta, GA-based producer of dark electronic and dark ambient music.

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Lovecraft Road

2 days ago iconDARK $0.06 (34.0604 HYDRO)

This dark ambient soundscape is inspired by one of my own (unwritten) stories that was, in turn, inspired by Lovecraft. The tale would have involved otherworldly creatures, strange disappearances, magic bullets, evil scientists, and dead cowboys, all...

The Stone Tape Theory (Spectral Mix)

1 week ago iconDARK $0.07 (38.7539 HYDRO)

This remix of "The Stone Tape Theory" softens the drums and replaces the guitar and piano with synths, giving rise to a more retro vibe.Support us by listening on the following platform(s) (we earn a small amount of crypto and would appreciate it): F...

The Stone Tape Theory

2 weeks ago iconDARK $0.05 (29.1632 HYDRO)

The title is a reference to the theory that inanimate materials... like stone... can absorb, retain, and release energy from living beings. Human activity, particularly that with a high emotional content, can be "recorded" and played back, giving ris...