$ICA governance platform is now live! 👀

By icarus.finance | icarus.finance | 30 Apr 2021

👋 Hello Icarians, 

✅ Now those who have accumulated their $ICA — will have the power to propose and vote. Remember 15% of $ICA distributions go to DAO participants, you may want to hold on to it!


Together we can achieve even better results, let’s join forces. 🤝


We have done extensive Airdrop and Boosts to early stakers of $ZETH and $ICA (liquidity providers), thus providing a fair chance for everyone who is interested in having a say at icarus.finance 👌🏻.


We already have V2 of governance on our mind, V2 gov will include ICA LPs.👀


Let’s show the power of icarus.finance DAO ! 💪🏻

$ICA is the only voice that has the power to change our protocol and real life assets.

Find out more information below!👇



Medium - https://icarus-finance.medium.com/ 

Publish0x - https://www.publish0x.com/@icarus_finance 


Need some help? Join us around


Twitter - https://twitter.com/zetta_icarus 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zetta_icarus/ 

Discord - https://discord.gg/YtDUZwXjkN 



Announcements https://t.me/icarusfinance_announcements 

Community https://t.me/icarus_finance 

Support https://t.me/icarus_support_chat 

Price chathttps://t.me/icarus_finance_price_chat   



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icarus.finance is a decentralized protocol that is used to unlock a universe of open financial applications.


Icarus is a decentralized mining protocol that is used to unlock a universe of open financial applications.

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