ADA order book analysis and trading risk scenario

ADA order book analysis and trading risk scenario

I see a few things tonight I have to say. First, my expert says BTC to 11500-11700 long. Second I see the miners are DUMPING HARD. If the price is to rise while the miners dump, we might be in a bull run thingy. ade7cd968168440bce182599ba52ec7630d30c07cce7480b792e8a9d898f1f07.png



ETH/ADA is break even for a while but the book is shallow, it can spike hard upward still.....


ADA/BTC is looking like this to me... when BTC/ADA can pump, ETH/ADA can pump, but sometimes ADA falls way behind ETH. Use low leverage till trade accelerates up and then manage it. Stop out if BTC miners push BTC price down in the next few days. This is about 1-4 weeks away from a big spike unless it changes. If your curious what ADA/USD looks like, I don't see anything here. aa728c6193d45c52ffc52c367bfda76977b7039d57173fcb38c50913d54e3ef5.png


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true gileadensis
true gileadensis

Just sharing some chart analysis with the Market Cipher trading tool. If you want to learn more:

I trade ADA, and have much to say
I trade ADA, and have much to say

I have been trading ADA since October 2017. I could not find it on google and just read rumors that ADA was financed by a private ICO in Japan, and that they had spun off from a gaming company. I had no idea that Charles from ethereum was involved. I traded from $.023 to $1.34. This is my story, followed with updates, because I want to share this story.

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