Should I go long on bitcoin ? YES, Arya Stark :)

Should I go long on bitcoin ? YES, Arya Stark :)

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 3 Jan 2021



When Bitcoin was $ 15,000, I said "Bitcoin is the King of the Iron Throne" to the question you asked on Twitter on November 16, 2020. I voted that you should hold your bitcoin ..! I hope you kept your Bitcoin by following my advice because it was 35,000 dollars. :)


Those who said No to this question were 54.5%. Most of those who said no made a membership to the club of losers ..! :)

Time justified us ..! :)

Now I am sharing my new prediction with you. Most likely, the bulls will move the Bitcoin price to $ 40,000 and above by January 15.

Of course, will bitcoin be 50 thousand dollars?

The parties will begin their first face-to-face meetings by the SEC for the Ripple case in February.

The bulls can increase the Bitcoin price to $ 50,000 before this lawsuit begins.

If the result is not satisfactory when this meeting begins, it may lower the Bitcoin price. That's where I think the breaking point. We can make a new prediction according to the impact and reaction situation that emerges from here.

I must also say that Bitcoin will never be 100 thousand dollars ..! I'm going to write an article about this but I need motivation. You, the valuable readers, are the ones who will provide this motivation. Because the more times a writer's article is read and gets a good reward for it, the determination to do better quality work with your support will be his constant motivation. :)

These are estimates please do not invest according to this estimate.

These are my thoughts. If you disagree just read and smile and pass.  :)






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