Completing BCL KYC with Google Payment Part 1

Completing Bitcoin Legend ( BCL ) KYC with Google Payment Part 1

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 31 Dec 2022

Completing Bitcoin Legend ( BCL ) KYC with Google Payment Part 1



 We have completed BCL's KYC Transaction by choosing the google payment method, which has been a problem for BCL Miners since the day it started and caused suspicion and despair in the miners due to its 7 dollar fee.

I explained with pictures from our telegram channel that the second condition, which was previously a 40% locking requirement, could not be passed by locking only 60%, and that the remaining amount should be "staking". Therefore, those who did not complete the second part as "DONE" can learn how to do it on our channel. If there is a strong demand, I can make a post here. :)

Now, let's explain how we can complete the KYC process with google payment in a maximum of 25 minutes, with the "Red Numbers" we give to the pictures, in the order they are made. Click on the place with the arrow.


We select the card on the screen that opens as below.


You will enter your credit card or debit card information.

Note: It did not allow us to take screenshots because there was card information on this screen. We shot this screen with another phone. We could not take screenshots of some parts in the next part, namely in the identity and selfie part for KYC, and we took it with another phone in the same way. I just wanted to point out. :)


After making SAVE in the picture above, you can choose to pay with a discount of 10 TL using "google credit" in the picture below and complete the card payment process. Those who do not want the Google discount, click on "Buy with 1 Click" and complete the payment process. We have read and accepted the conditions, you should also take a look at the discount conditions.

NOTE: Those who do not want the Google discount, be sure to check the invoice at the end of the article. :)



Click on "Buy with 1 Click" above to complete the payment transaction. Click "OK" in the image below. You have now completed the payment processing procedure.  :)


In the picture below, we did not use the 10 TL discount code and therefore we paid extra. 129.99 + 2 = 131.99 TL, I'm sharing this so that we can show the invoice amount to those who say "I don't have a job with Google, let them steal the discount (like me)". I tried the Google discount on my brother's BCL app, so we didn't pay twice, so don't get me wrong. :)


Thinking that our article would be too long, I decided to divide it into two parts. In addition, we need to make adjustments to the pictures, since we could not take screenshots and took them with another phone. These arrangements take time. 

I will post the second part of the article tomorrow.  :)

Current Information: 1000 BCL value in Pancake is close to 25 dollars. Also, in the newly issued "good year" wishes, the BCL team promises a big stock market listing in January 2023.



Note: My friends who have not heard of Bitcoin Legend can download it from google play and app store. After downloading, log in with gmail and start mining advantageously by earning 10 BCL by typing the super miner code "tyismkp244" where it says "Recommender Code" on the homepage.

Our first previous article on Bitcoin Legend.


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