Bitcoin Legend ( BCL ) Listed on Lbank Exchange in February.

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 7 Jan 2022


Bitcoin Legend ( BCL ) Listed on Lbank Exchange in February.

While we are very happy to enter 2022 with good news, we are very happy to announce this news to our friends who support us and join our miner group and are in our mining channel on telegram. Previously, I wrote articles that provide both video and information about Bitcoin Legend (We will talk about it as BCL from now on).
Our Telegram channel is called " @BitcoinLegendMiningTurkey "

Important Note: My friends who have not heard of Bitcoin Legend can download it from google play. After downloading, log in with gmail and start mining advantageously by earning 10 BCL by typing the super miner code "tyismkp244" where it says "Recommend Code" on the homepage. Blessed be our BCL Mining Brotherhood.

Patiently knowing that these good days will come, we activate the miner button by clicking once a day in the BCL application. And with this BCL mining we did, a certain BCL token was accumulated. Here, I am sharing with you the new announcement made by the BCL team in fulfilling the goals mentioned in the roadmap and keeping up with the new developments in the Crypto World.


Listing Notice on Lbank cryptocurrency exchange

Thank you for your interest.

Currently, it has surpassed 240000 users.

Over the past two months, the BCL core team has held meetings with several excellent specialized company on listing, halving and BCL total supply.

I am very happy to deliver the news related to the listing at the beginning of the new year.


* Listing Cryptocurrency exchange and Listing starting price

February 2022 / Listing start price 0,75$

Lbank exchange under level 30 on Coinmarketcap.


* Summary of changed white paper ( V2.0 )

The number of Users : 50M users --> 10M users

Total Supply : 21B BCL---> 11B BCL

Burning&Buyback : 10,000,000,000 BCL


* Changed halving according to User number

Complete --> 50K, 150K Users

Changed Reference Befor & After

Before : 1M, 5M, 10M, 25M, 50M Users

After : 500K, 1M, 2.5M, 5M, 10M Users

Hurry Up to make promotion for raising Refferals


* Summary of NFT Business ( 3 Earn project )

Mine to Earn --> almost complete on Mining App

Make to Earn

User's Self Made Studio

AI face recognition ---> webtoon image conversion --> self made system of clothes, accessories, and game items

NFT Platform

--> selling & buy NFT card ant items

---> Auction top seller's system

* Play to Earn

Avatar economic activity platform created by yourself

1:1 and PVP Game ( avatar game )

Rental and sale of virtual real estate centered on the fighting arena

Ads/Enterance fee in fighting

Broadcast channel

On-line shopping

Restaurants, coffee, shops, arms stores, pharmacies, shopping malls Avatar economic activity district division and self-made tools provided.


* We will open Detailed Schedule in the next week.

Updated white paper ( V2.0 )

Schedule of halving, KYC and withdrawal of BCL

Listing Schedule on the first - 5th Listing

Coming Soon of Big Event

It is not investment advice, it is written for informational purposes only. Thank you for reading.

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