Algorand Web Wallet Algo Staking with 7.48% APY Earnings

Algorand Web Wallet Algo Staking with 7.48% APY Earnings

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 29 Dec 2020


Algorand Web Wallet Algo Staking with 7.48% APY Earnings


  Why do you tend to risk your assets using other brokers' wallets when Algorand has its own mobile and web wallets for staking?

After installing the Algo web wallet, when you have at least 1 Algo balance in your account, you will start to receive an Algo reward with an annual gain of 7.48% APY.
I have previously shared an article explaining how to use Algorand mobile wallet, how to do Algo staking and what its features are.

Link to the article for the Algo mobile wallet

Crypto-interested people know all about creating and using crypto wallets. However, this article contains a detailed explanation for new crypto lovers who have just gotten acquainted with crypto and who are not fully informed about creating wallets.

Now I will describe how to use the Algorand web wallet and what its features are with pictures.

Open this page by clicking the link I gave below.

When you click, the page below will open and we start to create a web wallet by clicking the place I marked on this page.


Click on the marked places on the page that opens below and continue. This page also has warnings that the wallet code must be kept well. Be sure to take this precaution.



After passing here, you will need to create a password to access your wallet on the page that opens below. Remember your password and pay attention to the password creation character rule.

Your password ;

At least one number

Contain at least one letter

It must consist of a minimum of 8 characters.


After creating a password, the wallet creation page below will open. Click on this page where it says Create new wallet. Of course, if you want to use an external Ledger wallet, you can connect it.


And after clicking here, your wallet recovery code with 25 characters will appear in the picture below. You will see that I deleted all of my wallet code ..! :D


Do not keep your wallet code on your computer against the risk of being stolen, it must be written on a piece of paper, do not lose it and never share it with anyone. When you proceed to create a wallet, this code will ask you to type some of the 25 characters in the blank places and you will create your wallet by typing these characters in the empty places. Do not forget to write the name of the wallet ..!


After successfully creating the wallet, your wallet will look like the one below. Now let's move on to how to use Algo web wallet and its features through my wallet. :)


As you can see in the picture above, we do not have Algo in our web wallet. To get algo, you see your wallet address just below the wallet name and the keys I marked with the number 1 next to the wallet name and below are the shortcut keys to copy the wallet address. The key I marked with 2 numbers is the shortcut to the QR code of your wallet ..!

When you click on the number 3, you can access your wallet address and QR code in the same way. The choice is yours, you can quickly use places 1 or 2, or access your wallet address and QR code from number 3.

Click on the place you see in the picture below to send Algo.

You must write the Algo wallet address of the person you will send to the place marked with the number 1 correctly ..!

You should write the amount of Algo you will send to the place marked with the number 2.

The place we marked with the number 3 and the transaction fee deducted for the Algo you send is 0.001 Algo.


When you click the menu in the picture below, you can do the following;

You can change your wallet name where we marked with the number 1.

There is also the option to export wallet where we marked with number 2.

There is also the option to delete the wallet you created where we marked with 3 numbers.


To add Tether Usdt, first click on the number 1 I marked below, then click on the number 2 that opens.


Then search by typing "Tether" in the field below and continue by selecting it when you find it. Of course, to add Tether, you must have a transaction fee of 0.001 Algo balance, if you do not have a balance, you cannot add it. ;)


Finally, I will talk about the operations you can do in the settings menu.
You can also choose a network at the location marked with the number 1. Mainnet, Testnet, Betanet.

You can change your wallet password at the place marked with 2 numbers ..!

The place marked with the number 3 also shows the language setting and

On number 4, you can set the closing time for your wallet. :)


You learned how to create a wallet and use its features ..! I will talk about some other nice features of Algorand.

Algo Staking also has a calculator with which you can calculate your earnings. It calculates on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Click on the place I indicated on the Algo Explorer page to reach the calculator below.


After clicking it, you will reach the Algo Staking Reward Calculation page below. When you enter the Algo amount, it will automatically calculate weekly, monthly and yearly ..! :)


Finally, when you click on your wallet address, you will reach the details of your sending and receiving transactions on the Algo Explorer page. :)


The page showing your transaction information as below opens.


I believe Algorand will mark the Crypto World with its new generation blockchain technology and features.

As we see the real-life evidence of Algorand's unrivaled technology and features, we see that our belief is bearing fruit ..!

The article written by Andrzej below is one of the application proofs of Algorand technology that touches real life ..!

I will continue to share new features and news about Algorand here.

These are my thoughts. If you disagree just read and smile and pass.  :)

Thank you for reading. :)


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