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What It Feels Like To Be An Uplander

Upland: Is This What Status Feels Like?

Hey Look Ma I Made It! Was v2 of a title I was going for, thoughts?



and BOY! Don't come at me with that "TiMe iZ MoNEy!" 

Since Upland is my first experience with a blockchain game. I came in with some pretty high expectations. On a scale of diluted green tea to drowning out the sound of a crying baby with noise-cancelling earphones, I would give it a "Oh, thank goodness. I remembered my phone charger!" feeling of relief when you arrive at a hotel. In one sense it was a genuine throwback to the simplicity of Miniclip and browser games of my youth. But there just wasn't any hook! I remember playing hours of Redbeard, Club Penguin (we don't have to talk about it), driving games, ect ect. But for Upland I logged in multiple times a day to collect coins, but I've never really spent a lot of time there. As a visitor there's not really a whole lot to do. And yes. Perhaps I need to give it some more time as an actual Uplander, but yo, if you're trying to sink your teeth into users and make an interesting game--you HAVE to make it easier to understand and play with other people. And that's simply not the case right now. The first week not being an Uplander was real shitty.

And sure, if you've not read my previous *rant post* on Uplander and my feelings on what it feels like playing a multi-player dumbed down version of Sim City where I am not actually shown how to do anything AND with terrible lag. Feel free to read it.

This post was really to celebrate that it IS indeed possible to reach Uplander status, in a week, and not spending any money. 

Now. What next? There are plans being laid out to where players can sells their properties for USD. Apparently only 100 beta testers are doing that right now.

Our property to USD partnership with Tilia Inc. (the creators of Second Life), which allows Uplanders to sell their properties for U.S. dollars, is now live for a select group of 100 beta testers. All Uplanders will be able to enjoy this feature once the beta is complete, expected in QX. In the future, Uplanders will be able to sell other virtual items, such as NFT art work and cars, for real money.

It reminds me of Fortnite. Which, is kinda cool? I bought the Battle Pass like 6 seasons ago and I have earned enough money each season to pay for the next. So I'd rather Upland just be upfront about it! Because if it's free to play, make it free to play like PUBG! Make it so you can have a full and rich experience without buying anything, but that you CAN buy stuff. But if Uplander just turns into pay-to-play and UPX will literally rule every part of the game. Then. different than real life? I don't want to be in real life in and play real life in UPLANDER! 

We'll see how this baby rolls, I guess! Now, we'll see if I actually keep playing

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