Llamas, Fresno, and everything else I don't understand about Upland. *rant*

First off, Upland. No disrespect. I love what y'all are trying to do and it's not a bad idea. But y'all need to get a UX/UI designer STAT, put some labels on different things because nothing is intuitive, and you need a freeeaaaaaaking tutorial yo.

I'll list those again at the end.

Let's start with llamas. Yes, as everyone knows they likely originated in North America and migrated to their contemporary native home ofSouth America hundreds of thousands of years ago, and as a cute mascot goes, HE'S KINDA CUTE (ngl those hands kinda freak me out!) but WHY the LLAMA?? It is just a weird animal to be the icon of a blockchain, monopoly-esque, real estate game. They are known for their weird-ass long necks, fur coat, and spitting! Not their expertise in being home-brokers.

Fresno. I have lived in California for over a decade, I grew up playing the game Californiopoly (it's EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS) and I can't remember where Fresno was, but it was probably jail. 

Labels, nothing is labeled. This needs to change as I keep clicking the wrong button and it whooshes me back to my properties, or zooms out the entire map, to zips me back to my floating dingleberry icon or says "This isn't available to you yet, you cheap-ass Visitor scum. Why don't you go use some of the GME money to buy some freaking UPX or gtfoutta here!" (I'm paraphrasing, but that's what I felt).

Also, I have tried. I have tried so hard to find treasure. I have read articles, watched videos, some might say the near bare-minimum that should be required, maybe less, than I should have needed to to find some treasure. But for the love of God, I cannot figure it out. Maybe it's my liberal arts degree. Maybe it's my lack of understanding of Fresno! Maybe I'm the problem. but maybe it's that llamas shouldn't be in Fresno.

I have 9,829/10,000 UPX and you bet your bottom bitcoin I'm going to get to Uplander status simply out of SPITE NOW. And so HELP me GOD, I will wait figure this shit out. But, GOD, I better win SOMETHING outta this FREEAAAAKING thing. Otherwise, I'm going to go yell at some llamas!


The Fix-This-Shit List!

1. UX/UI. In a world of beautiful design, I cannot find anything beautiful in Upland from a design perspective (this felt a bit harsh when I wrote it)

2. Como te llama? Explain the llama ya bimbos!

3. Labels! Hover over labels. COME ON!

and a final



have a good day


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