I Am Me

By CreateYourOwn | I Am Me | 11 May 2023

I hear them.

Whispers of the past, pressed with emotions,  that are faintly imprinted on the wooden beams that lay bare and scattered through the thick bush, which once bared a village that my ancestors once lived..

A tribe with such beauty for some had deep, dark drawing soulful eyes, that could melt the heart and lies of all living beings, While others had light mesmerizing eyes that could calm the insane!. Not one living being could resist their beauty, nor their "circle.of life" wisdom, that would come with their bewitching eyes.. The tribe that lived with all kinds of wisdom from medicine to practicing faith and the believance in spirits is so high that the way your treated?, your earth bound you?. Yeah well that gets treated the same way, as you would treat your ancestors before you..

No-one died from hunger nor sickness but many of my ancestors were taken from our village. Beauty, knowledge, wisdom heart and the dismay. These are the reasons why my ancestors were being taken by warriors, from other tribes. Near and far, many warriors would come.. Not all would take but that didn't stop the ones who did tho.

Ceremonies were conducted and many of my ancestor were married or "kept" for ones personal reason. They were never given back nor where they given away by those whom took them. No warrior from our tribe would go looking either as our chief believd that it was a be taken. It was believed that the knowledge we held, who we are and our ways would be past on and spread within other villages and so on and so on. Death of the one whom stole them was the only way any of our ancestors made it back home, but majority of the time, they would have children or a small subtribe following him/her. 

However there were warriors whom all tribes feared and they were our chiefs sons. They were head strong and kept everything balanced. Not good nor evil, they keep order to Ihoa.. But mostly order and law to OURSELVES.

As I walk through the land my ancestors once thrived and imagining their daily life through the traces of their existence that lay faint against murals and stumps that still breathe life.. I know now that whom ever has been with me since I was born, Is real, is here.


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I Am Me
I Am Me

It does seems like everything ive lived through, everything I have done, or everything that has been done to me, is in some kind of cycle. A cycle of internal torment that not only the living is able to shred me apart, but so can the dead. Do you remember your child hood friends? Family members and certain events in your child hood? I do. I remember faces, names, events, homes, smells, good and bad. Now fast forward 35+ years. And be told that some of those people I knew were dead before I was born.

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