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By Marekiaro | HyperTech Group | 9 Apr 2022

Political instability and inflationary pressure have led to mass turmoil around the world, and the sluggish financial performance of the traditional financial market has led to some experts declaring an imminent recession. In contrast, the crypto market is showing signs of robustness and massive growth. In today’s day and age, people are finding it increasingly difficult to live a life without crypto.

HyperVerse, a project dedicated to the development of the metaverse, has a strong technical foundation and a pragmatic business model that incorporates support for third-party developers. It has designed a comprehensive ecosystem that can lower the investment threshold for the average crypto investor. With these strengths, HyperVerse has been a dominant leader within the blockchain industry since the beginning of 2022.

About HyperVerse

Anticipating that the crypto market would undergo a new resurgence in 2022, HyperVerse conducted extensive market research for new products and services that would benefit its members the most. The result was the HyperVerse membership 2.0, an upgrade of the old membership that yields up to 4x rewards.

Since its inception, HyperVerse has attracted millions of members to its platform, and these members were able to enjoy tremendous economic success thanks to the company’s focus on the growing metaverse sector. HyperVerse strongly believes that its efforts in building the core infrastructure behind the metaverse will facilitate the growth of the overall industry, enabling unprecedented financial inclusion on a global scale.

In addition, the company believes that economic activity in the metaverse will facilitate intergenerational wealth transfer, which will be beneficial for future generations. It will also empower a new generation of digital nomads, whose efforts in designing content for marketing initiatives, websites, video games, and animation has previously gone unnoticed.

Launching the Membership 2.0

Not only does HyperVerse’s launch of Membership 2.0 bring about new options for its members, it also represents a further upgrade of the platform in terms of dividends distribution, efficiency, core competency, and ecological development. The new membership was designed specifically for the metaverse, and users would be able to enjoy the many benefits that it confers.

HyperVerse Membership 2.0 has performed extremely well in the one month since its launch. To celebrate this joyous occasion, HyperVerse hosted several early-bird activities such as coupons giveaway and referral programs, all of which yielded significant results. The sales of Membership 2.0 have even surpassed its predecessor, and through all available metrics, prove without a shadow of a doubt the success of Membership 2.0.

The new membership yields up to 4x rewards, and will also serve as an important gateway into the metaverse. Early users will have the opportunity to receive attractive benefits, such as airdrops, whitelist for new NFT drops, and other assorted incentives.

The growth of the metaverse has inspired HyperVerse to innovate, and bring about new FinTech solutions that can revolutionize our existing financial markets. As the next iteration of the internet, there are still many mysteries surrounding the metaverse, but this will only inspire the company to work harder.

The blockchain industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, and HyperVerse is committed to standing at the forefront of this change and progress.








HyperCommunity is moving completely to its 2.0 subscription and it would be cumbersome and too expensive to keep two systems separate.

We ask all members to click on banners in your HyperVerse back office inviting you to "Upgrade to 2.0 subscription". Please convert by April 15, 2022 and notify your friends to do so too! From April 16, 2022 onwards, all members who do not convert to Membership 2.0 will find their 1.0 memberships and withdrawals subject to small account maintenance fees. It is best for everyone to be under the new 2.0 membership

⚠️ For the avoidance of doubt: upgrading your account does not mean buying a 2.0 subscription while keeping other 1.0 subscriptions Upgrading means: converting all the subscriptions in your account to Membership 2.0.

❗️With the transition from Membership 1.0 to 2.0, also our HyperDrive Accelerated Rewards program switch to 2.0. Starting April 16, 2022, to receive any of the three types of Rewards Speed ​​up Community Rewards VIP Rewards Global Rewards Community creation, you must have upgraded your account to Membership 2.0.

✅ Withdrawals from 1.0 and 2.0 subscriptions remain at the minimum amount of 50HU.

This business model is sustainable for the company and offers great benefits to members. Our HyperCommunity has an exciting future ahead! Sign in now, Upgrade to subscription 2.0 and enjoy our new X4 subscription growth!




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