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Mining Price of BFG Token will increase in 5 days

By hyipermoneyclub | hyipermoneyclub | 22 Jan 2021

In 5 days the price of mining BFG tokens on Betfury will be increased by 20%. Similar to Bitcoin Halving, the coins will then become more valuable and rare. The daily payout for staking will increase as well. 

Befury Mining Price

That's why now is a good time to get in and earn some BFG in last minute. It is best to invest in ETH at the moment, so that you also have the chance to win 100 ETH via the wheel of fortune.

To make the maximum revenue on the platform and thus get the most BFG tokens it has proven to play DICE and select a 49% chance on autoplay. 


The Bet amount should be roughly like this, so that it lasts long:

1 ETH capital in your account -> Bet Amount: 0.00010000 ETH
0.1 ETH capital in your account -> Bet Amount: 0.00001000 ETH
0.03 ETH capital in your account -> Bet Amount: 0.0000300 ETH

Good Luck!


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