What is your opinion on the future of digital money, CeFi vs. DeFi, and governance models within organizations?

By Mark Anstead | HYDRO Fans | 20 Jul 2019

I was recently able to come chat with Steve McGarry on his podcast talking about what a DAO is, it's pros & cons, the future of money, and the implication and tech behind the ERC-1484 EIP.

Go give it a listen!

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2Z1XBrZ

Itunes - https://apple.co/2Y7GGDf

What is your opinion about the future of digital finance (hurdles to adoption), CeFi vs. DeFi, and governance using a DAO? Ethereum, which is the network my team (Hydro) is building on, definitely is showing a lot of scalability issues right now, what are your opinions on its' scalability concerns? My team is currently working on some sidechain implementations which will enable for tx's on ETH to be a minimum of 2-3k tps, so it will be interesting to see how that impacts the network and growth of it as a whole.

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