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Head of Business Development/Sales for Project Hydro

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Mark Anstead

New Hydro Protocol Proposal: Foam

21 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Lots of work (and thought) has been put into this, and I am hoping to have this be a core protocol our team at Project Hydro develops at the open source layer throughout 2020.   I'm massively bullish on DeFi, and this is just a testament of where I s...

Most Secure Crypto Wallet Ever?

18 Dec 2019 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Our team at Hydro Labs have been hard at work releasing this solution, and I wanted to push this out for the Publish0x community so you guys can have a whack at it first hand before everyone else.  This wallet, which we have named the Hydro Vault, is...

What is your opinion on the future of digital money, CeFi vs. DeFi, and governance models within organizations?

20 Jul 2019 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

I was recently able to come chat with Steve McGarry on his podcast talking about what a DAO is, it's pros & cons, the future of money, and the implication and tech behind the ERC-1484 EIP. Go give it a listen! Spotify - Itune...

Thoughts and Feedback on the Libra Whitepaper Announcement Yesterday

19 Jun 2019 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Just spent some time going through the new Libra whitepaper yesterday, and it's no surprise that they aren't doing anything special or new by any means. I did see something that was interesting- they look to be the first network to go from entirely p...

Top Altcoins Outside the 100 in Market Cap

24 Dec 2018 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Invest in Blockchain just released some altcoins that they believe will flourish this coming year and pop into the top 100 in terms of market cap.  The only project on this list that I personally don't agree with is Selfkey ($KEY).  While I think tha...

Project Hydro needs your help!

5 Dec 2018 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

  Project Hydro has been informed by ABCC exchange that if they receive 300 KYC signups and users deposit 7,000 Hydro tokens to the address ABCC Deposit Address for Hydro, they will not only list Hydro on the exchange, but integrate the Raindrop API...

Introduction into the Project Hydro Ecosystem ($HYDRO)

21 Nov 2018 7 minute read comments Mark Anstead

What is Project Hydro? Project Hydro is a decentralized, open-sourced project curated by the Hydrogen Platform Corporation, located out of New York City.  The various protocols and APIs that are being developed are 100% free to build on top of and i...

My Ecological Footprint

18 Nov 2018 8 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Abstract While studying about sustainability, it’s always important to get a deeper understanding of how you are actually hurting or helping the environment. While knowing this, I’ve definitely been more aware about the things that I am doing on a da...

Blockchainian Rhapsody!

17 Nov 2018 1 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Time to take a little breather from the crypto markets, and have a little laugh :)  

Ecosystem Training

4 Nov 2018 7 minute read comments Mark Anstead

Abstract After going through the various PowerPoint’s, there are a handful of different issues and solutions brought up in the training modules. Some of the topics discussed have massive implications on how the world faces concerns with the way our s...