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Curve Finance Review - Everything to know about it!

By SpeedPaisa | Hunar Campus | 29 Oct 2021



Decentralized finances have become extremely popular. They have existed before the launch of the Ethereum network. One of the main benefits of the platform is that it helps to simplify even the most complex applications. Curve Finance is one of the most prominent decentralized finances. 


Curve Finance is different from the traditional finance system. There is no requirement of a central intermediary to provide financial benefits through a decentralized exchange. The massive fluctuations in the market are responsible for causing profits and loss. It is necessary to understand how to use the platform to get the accurate benefits. 


Normal exchanges are available online. They play an important role in speeding exchanges. However, decentralized exchanges offer extensive benefits. It plays an important role in speeding up the transaction procedure for cheap rates. Whenever conducting transactions through decentralized exchanges you will need to manage security and anonymity. There are several decentralized exchanges offering the same benefits. However, it is necessary to follow the decentralized finance protocol to get the benefits. 


What is Curve Finance? 

Curve Finance is one of the most prominent decentralized finance platforms. It deals across 23 different crypto types. It is a completely web-based platform and the payment method is in cryptocurrency. Almost all the BTC pairs are supported in the platform. Some of the other supported cryptos include BUSD, USD, DAI and USDT. 


The headquarters of Curve Finance is based in Switzerland. It was launched in January 2020 and is completely based on the Ethereum network. It will allow them to deal with stablecoins and stable fairs. The fees are pretty low if you use the automated market maker protocol. 


Curve Finance will provide you rewards as interest for cryptocurrencies. These are the leading providers of liquidity. The liquidity providers in the platform will only get a certain part of exchange token fees. Some of the important parts of Curve Finance include continuity, speed and efficiency. It functions completely on the automated market maker and a decentralized liquidity pool. As a result, it will help to reduce the need of a seller across the exchange platform. 


Curve Finance is a very new platform but many people have adopted to the system. If you are trading via Curve Finance, the profits rate will significantly. 


What is automated market maker? 

Not many people are familiar with what an automated market maker is. Automated market maker is a popular blockchain protocol that plays an important role in determining asset pricing. It will use smart contract and eventually place the order. If you are proceeding ahead with the liquidity pool, the providers will give you options to trade across the platform for equal rations. 


Curve Finance Token

The Curve Finance Token is known as CRV token. Initially it was developed by an individual developer but later on Curve Finance adopted it. Over the years the value of CRV token has significantly increased. Initially the value of CRV token was around $50. However, currently the value stands somewhat around $2 because of the unstable nature. 


If you want to hold the CRV token, you need to showcase your interest. It will also play an important role in determining the voting rights. Depending on your requirement, you can also lock the CRV token for one to four years. 


What are the cryptocurrencies available on Curve Finance? 

If you are starting to trade in cryptocurrencies, Curve Finance may be the right choice to make. It is necessary to maintain the 24 hours cycle across the platform. While there are several cryptocurrencies available for trading, you should prefer choosing stablecoins only. 


One of the significant benefits of stablecoins is that it will allow to achieve the target. Curve Finance has around 23 coins and 65 trading pairs. Depending on the currency of your choice, you can start trading in the platform. The popular trading pairs include ETH/STETH, USDC/LUSD, DAI/USDT and UST/USDT. 


Curve Finance Fees

Many trading platforms charge high fee for signing up in Curve Finance. However, one of the most important things to note it won't cause much of a trouble. Unlike other platforms, Curve Finance allows you to sign up for free. Furthermore, you can use all the services listed on their platform for free. 


Trading Fees

If you are indulging in swapping stablecoins, you will eventually receive a significant result. It is necessary to consider the rebalancing and small transaction fee. Prior to making any transaction, you will need to consider the overall fee to be received. As a result, there is no significant charges for trading in the platform. 



  • Withdrawal fees


Individuals wanting to withdraw tokens will need to pay 0 fee. It offers the same symmetry as the proportion across the pool. But, if you are depositing or withdrawing only one coin, you will have to pay around 50% of the complete trading fee. 


Deposit and Withdrawal Method

If you have an Ethereum wallet, it will become easier for you to withdraw and deposit the digital tokens. This plays an important role in easy fund management. As a result, you will be able to interact positively across the platform. All tokens will be stored in the Ethereum wallet. Therefore, you can withdraw and deposit it anytime. 


Is Curve Finance Secure?

Of course it is. Security has always been a prime concern for users across different platforms. If you want to make profit on your investments, you need to be very careful about the platform you're investing on. 


Complete security measures have been taken. It follows a DeFi protocol that is helpful in staking and yield farming. It contributes towards offering authority across the platform. As a result, it is a comparatively safe platform to trade in than other platforms. 

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